“How Rube Goldberg Made America Complicated Again”, Forward.com, November 19 2018







“You push a button. A spring releases a bowling ball, which hurtles down a ramp toward a switch that uncages a bird, whose beak twirls a dial that activates the printer that spits out your ticket.  That’s not actually how admission to “The Art of Rube Goldberg” works, but it’s how the legendary cartoonist might have conceived it.”  More


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“Meet Shark Tank’s First Kosher Food Winner”, Forward.com, October 23 2018






“Well, that should buy a lot of sushi.  Guy Vaknin, the vegan-cuisine innovator who took his Beyond Sushi concept to ABC-TV’s Shark Tank Sunday night, has scored a $1.5 million investment.” More

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New: “Miznon Chef Eyal Shani Tapped To Design Menu For Chelsea Music Hall”, Forward.com, October 22 2018










“When Miznon opened at New York’s Chelsea Market last year – to deafening hype – the Forward walked away less than impressed by Chef Eyal Shani’s takes on Israeli street food.  But Chelsea Market’s owners have now tapped Shani to create a new menu for a basement music hall.” More 


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“Kosher Vegan ‘Beyond Sushi’ Heads To Shark Tank”, Forward.com, October 16 2018





“He’s going from Hell’s Kitchen to the Shark Tank.  Guy Vaknin, whose kosher-vegan Beyond Sushi chainlet has become a Big Apple phenomenon, will make his debut on ABC-TV’s Shark Tank this Sunday.” More

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“Houdini’s Astounding Jewish History Revealed!”, Forward magazine, October 2018










“‘Inescapable: The Life and Legacy of Harry Houdini,’ at the Jewish Museum of Maryland through January 2019, manages to make the mythical magician’s story feel fresh — an achievement that’s almost as hard as making an elephant disappear, which Houdini did.”  More

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“Smoked Watermelon Ham Is The Newest Kosher-Friendly Food Trend”, Forward.com, October 5 2018







“This ham’s not kosher. But it’s not exactly treyf.  That’s because the ruby-red, sweetly smoky ham at New York’s Ducks Eatery is a watermelon. As in, the fruit.”  More

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“One Of Quebec’s Best-Known Political Commentators Is A Jewish Convert Fighting Anti-Semitism”, Forward.com, September 28 2018








“Born into a French-Canadian family and educated by nuns, Lise Ravary makes an unlikely Jewish voice. But since converting to Judaism nearly two decades ago, Ravary’s widely read opinion columns have brought a singular perspective to Quebec’s complex politics.”  More

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