“Kosher Eatery Denied From Manchester Christmas Market”, Forward.com, November 12 2019






“So was it anti-Semitism, bureaucracy, or something else?  That’s what the owners of a Manchester, UK kosher restaurant are wondering after the local city council denied their application for space at an annual Christmas Market.”  More

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“Five Places to Visit in Montreal With Sugar Sammy”, The New York Times, November 8 2019










“A superstar in Quebec with a growing global following — he recently sold out a four-month residency in Paris — the comedian Sugar Sammy relishes returning to Montreal after touring.”  More

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“This Israeli Chef Found Michelin Starred Restaurants ‘F*cking Boring’. So He Turned To Kosher.”, Forward.com, November 7 2019







“’Gluten-free’ and ‘kosher’ often portend culinary tedium. But at Arba, a newish Upper West Side hotspot, Israeli chef Nir Zook has made magic with a vegetable-forward, brightly flavored menu that’s as virtuous as delicious.”  More

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“12 things no one tells you about Montreal”, ThePointsGuy, November 6 2019







“Montreal’s easy to fall in love with, but doesn’t reveal itself easily to visitors. These 12 tips will get you a little closer to the beating heart of Canada’s second-largest city.”  More

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“Black Seed Is Bringing Back The ‘Appetizing Stores’ Of 19th-Century European Jews”, Forward.com, October 28 2019







“Appetizing is having a moment. First, Russ & Daughters gets its own museum show at the Center for Jewish History. Now, hip bagel chain Black Seed is opening its own appetizing shop at Manhattan’s Chelsea Market.”  More

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“Sabra Hummus Just Opened A Pop-Up In NYC”, Forward.com, October 24 2019





“Overseen by chef Einat Admony, Whirled Peas is spotlighting wildly inventive dishes by guest chefs where hummus is the star.”  More

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“UWS’ Barney Greengrass Closed By NYC Health Department Due To Mouse Infestation”, Forward.com, October 16 2019







“The Yiddish word for ‘mouse’ is moyz.  It might come in handy if you visit Barney Greengrass.”  More

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