“Gastro-Nomical”, NY Daily News, Sunday September 16, 2018









“Fall is harvest season; in the Big Apple, that means a bumper crop of food festivals. From lattes to latkes, here are our favorites.”  More


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“View to a Thrill”, NY Daily News, Sunday September 16 2018







“It’s been a long, hot summer. So a road trip seems even more alluring this fall. Here are five of our favorite seasonal getaways, all within three hours of NYC by car.”  More

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“Music to Our Ears”, NY Daily News, September 16 2018






“From French dance-pop to African mbalax, breakout talent to boldface names, fall serves up a world-beating musical menu. Here’s our pick of the season’s most exciting shows.”  More

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“Orchard Reach”, NY Daily News, September 16 2018








“Picky about fruit? Hit the road and visit our region’s lush orchards, where you can grab your own produce right off the tree.”  More

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“Here’s How Molly Yeh Does Rosh Hashanah”, Forward.com, September 7 2018







“Maybe that’s why the TV star (The Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm), author (Molly on the Range) and lifestyle maven brings such such freedom and fun to her own Rosh Hashanah recipes.”  More

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“Celebs Are Getting A Rosh Hashanah Service At The Toronto International Film Festival”, Forward.com, September 5 2018










“For the first time, the world’s biggest cinema expo – and a celebrity magnet – will feature a pop-up synagogue to accommodate Jewish festivalgoers on Rosh Hashanah.”  More

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“A Montreal Hotel So Modern That Room Service Is by Robot”, The New York Times, September 1 2018










“The Monville’s robot room service, the first in Canada, became my favorite part of the stay. A cross between R2-D2 and a Roomba, the robot — covered in colorful cartoon controls — rolls silently from kitchen to guest rooms and back.”  More

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