“Worldwise: Atlas Obscura Founder Dylan Thuras’ Favorite Things”, Barron’s/Penta, April 12 2022

“Today, Atlas Obscura boasts a staff of 60, a string of bestselling books, and divisions overseeing entertainment, tours, and brand partnerships. Its tagline: ‘The Definitive Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders.'” More

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“In Mexico City, a Landmark Abode and National Historic Monument Asks $5.5 Million”, Mansion Global, April 1 2022

“A local landmark and national historic monument, this 7,480-square-foot mansion in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood balances a classical exterior with smart interior enhancements.” More

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“Smart Aquarium Devices to Keep Your Aquatic Companions Thriving”, Mansion Global, March 29 2022

“This is the dawning of the age of aquariums. At least that’s how it seems with all of the technology, creativity and extravagance that now drives water-based pet care. ” More

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“Worldwise: Artist Judy Chicago’s Favorite Things”, Barron’s/Penta, March 23 2022

“Judy Chicago’s art is going up in smoke—which is exactly how she wants it.” More

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“I’m a media coach who’s coached top TikTok stars and Apple execs — here’s my advice for how to ace your next interview and what not to do”, Business Insider, March 21 2022

“As social-media stars cross over into mainstream fame, many find themselves facing a live audience or television camera for the first time. Tracey Pepper has become their media coach of choice.” More

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“Mineola Offers Large Lots and Seclusion Within Commuting Distance of Toronto”, Mansion Global, March 19 2022

“While condo development has transformed downtown Mississauga’s landscape, Mineola remains ‘a secluded luxury area characterized by a lot of greenery'”. More

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“House Hunting in Luxembourg: A Modern Cottage Built for Efficiency”, The New York Times, March 16 2022

“Built with local wood and engineered for energy efficiency, this four-bedroom house is in Mertzig, Luxembourg, about 23 miles northwest of the capital, Luxembourg City.” More

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“Worldwise: French Porcelain Maker Michel Bernardaud’s Favorite Things”, Barron’s/Penta, March 16 2022

“They’ve made ‘balloon dogs’ with Jeff Koons, dinner plates with Marina Abramovic, and cool-blue decanters for Courvoisier. But the minds behind French porcelain makers Bernardaud had never collaborated with a winery.” More

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“The Best PR Firms in America”, Observer.com, March 15 2022

For the tenth year, I edited the Observer’s annual ranking of PR firms, along with a look at the industry’s rising stars. Read

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“20 Minutes With: Art Advisor Maria Brito”, Barron’s/Penta, March 14 2022

“Instead of staying in a job she despised, Maria Brito made a major pivot. Now, her journey has inspired a book.” More

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