“Montreal Home Breaks Quebec Price Record” Mansion Global, August 13 2020







“A sprawling stone mansion near the heart of downtown Montreal has set a price record for the entire province of Quebec, according to Sotheby’s International Realty Quebec, the firm that brokered the deal.”  More

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“13 top advertising headhunters to know right now”, Business Insider, August 9 2020






“Small and midsize agencies continue to grow. Brands are relying on in-house marketing teams and agency partners. And ad pros who know how to position brands to a stuck-at-home audience are in high demand.”  More

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“Great Escapes: Artist and Photographer Clayton Patterson’s Five Essential Downtown New York Creators”, Barron’s/Penta, August 8 2020







“The graphic-novel format suits artist, photographer, and videographer Clayton Patterson’s new biography. The 71-year-old’s wild life, and indescribable career, might barely seem plausible in any other form.”  More

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“Promotion in a Pandemic”, Estiator, August 2020









“How can you promote dining out when restaurants can’t even open for dine-in business?  That’s the dilemma facing firms like Hall PR, a 25-year-old public relations and marketing agency focused on ‘restaurants that have a cultural experience.'” More

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“The Diner Chronicles”, Estiator, August 2020










“Diners are beacons. They feed crews of loyal regulars and generations of families. Many stay open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They offer an atmosphere that’s as comforting as their food.  COVID-19 has disrupted all that. How are diner owners coping?”  More

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“Worldwise: Advanced Aviation Team’s Gregg Brunson-Pitts on D.C., Chef Jose Andres, and a Book on Renovating the White House”, Barron’s/Penta, July 29 2020









“Gregg Brunson-Pitts says he gets people ‘from point A to point B.’ It’s a modest way of describing Advanced Aviation Team, the on-demand flight service he started from his Washington, D.C., kitchen counter in 2015.”  More

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“12 top public relations recruiters to know right now”, Business Insider, July 23 2020






“Business Insider identified a dozen leading PR headhunters, including two in-house recruiters. For job-seekers, they’re a vital link to employers. For companies, they’re both bounty-hunter and filter at a time when openings can attract floods of resumes.”  More

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“Restaurant Spotlight: Nerai” Estiator, July 2020










“What happens when a Greek restaurateur, an Italian-cooking chef, and a sushi maker move in under one roof?”  More

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“Good Company: How the Viral Art Project Supports Artists Hurt by Covid-19”, Barron’s/Penta, July 2 2020










“Inspired by a get-out-the-vote poster project WideEye created around the 2018 election cycle, the trio concocted the Viral Art Project, a virtual gallery for pandemic-themed poster art sourced from artists.”  More

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New: “House Hunting on Anguilla: An Oceanfront Retreat for $985,000”, The New York Times, July 1 2020







“At the home’s front door, sightlines stretch through the house to the Caribbean Sea and islands beyond. ‘That’s a wow factor,’ said Elaine Hearn of Properties in Paradise, the listing agent. ‘You can see St. Martin in the distance, and St. Bart’s on a clear day.'”  More

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