“What Does It Take to Get Banned From an Airline?”, ThePointsGuy.com, July 28 2017







“It sounds like a drinking-game question. But considering the ever-wackier behavior of some airline passengers, it’s become a serious concern for both airlines and the people they fly.”  More

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“Star Chef Solomonov Named Israel’s New Culinary Ambassador”, Forward.com, July 27 2017






“Chef Michael Solomonov can add a new honor to his multiple James Beard awards and foodie hosannas: culinary ambassador for Israel.”  More

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“Atlantic City sizzles this summer with hot new restaurants, pools and party spots”, NY Daily News, July 20 2017








“You’re bound to get lucky on a visit to Atlantic City — if you’re looking for hot restaurants, splashy spas, and posh places to stay, that is. Odds are you’ll have a terrific weekend getaway at this seaside playground.”  More

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“Breads Bakery Of Calgary? Israelis Introduce Western Canada To Babka, Shakshuka”, Forward.com, July 13 2017









“They still have trouble pronouncing “shakshuka.” But Calgary locals have gone wild for an Israeli bakery and its exotic wares — think babka, labneh and even chopped liver.”  More

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“What to Do if There’s an Attacker on Your Plane”, ThePointsGuy.com, July 12 2017






“First, the good news: Odds are you’re more likely to die from a car accident, bee sting or lightning strike than in an airborne terrorist incident.  Now, the bad news: Though exceedingly rare, hijackings happen. On top of that, airline passengers have been freaking out mid-flight with alarming regularity.”  More

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“These #TBT Vintage Airline Posters Will Inspire Travel Envy”, ThePointsGuy.com, July 6 2017









“Airline ads today mostly boast about on-time performance or legroom that doesn’t violate the Geneva Convention. But back in the heady Mad Men days of air travel (think: the 1960s) airline posters were an art form, conjuring up faraway destinations with elegant drawings and witty type treatments.”  More

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“What to Do in Canada This Summer”, CondeNastTraveler.com, July 1 2017








“Canada’s looking pretty good for 150 years old. And as our vast northern neighbor celebrates its sesquicentennial this summer, it’s a great time to explore unfamiliar territory – or dig up new jewels in cities you think you know.”  More

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