“With New Ex-Delta CEO, Amtrak Is Remaking its Train Seats”, ThePointsGuy.com, December 15 2017







“The last time Amtrak undertook a major renovation of its train interiors, more than two decades ago, the project became a nine-year slog.  But that was before the reign of Richard Anderson, the former Delta CEO who joined Amtrak’s C-suite in June.”  More


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“Quest to save a very special shul”, Jewish Chronicle (UK), December 14 2017






“Wrapped in a tallis, Steven Spielberg steps up to the bimah at Beth Hebrew congregation in Phoenix, Arizona. Gazing up at the rabbi, he launches into his Torah portion. The congregation listens, entranced.  At least that’s how Michael Levine imagines it.”  More

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“8 Crazy Latkes For 8 Crazy Nights”, Forward.com, December 13 2017






“Adventurous latke lovers take note: 2017 is turning out to be the year of the magnificent mashup. We’re talking Indian-inspired potato pancakes in Wisconsin, latkes à la Quebecois (latke poutine!) in Brooklyn, and even a Tex-Mex rendition in Houston.”  More

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“The World’s Best Hotel Thanksgiving Feasts”, ThePointsGuy.com, November 20 2017








“Wherever in the world you are this November 23, you’re likely to find a hotel where Norman Rockwell–like tableaus of turkey and trimmings take over dining tables. Others spice up traditional Thanksgiving offerings with local twists.”  More

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“Leonard Cohen’s Depth, Style Shortchanged By Montreal Tribute Exhibit”, Forward.com, November 13 2017







“For an exhibit about a supreme ironist, much of “A Crack in Everything” feels painfully earnest. How would the songwriter of “Bird on a Wire” react to Dean’s three-minute video of, ahem, a bird on a wire, except to smirk?”  More

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“Why You Should Visit Canada in the Dead of Winter”, ThePointsGuy.com, November 11 2017







“Cold rattles your bones. Snow slicks up sidewalks. Daylight lasts less than you thought possible. All of which means winter’s a perfect time to visit Canada.” More

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“Are Premium Discount Air Travel Sites a Scam?”, ThePointsGuy.com, November 10 2017







“The deals sound too good to be true.  But are the sites advertising these fares legit? Do airlines accept their tickets? Can you get scammed?”  More

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