“Lekka Burger, Using 900-Year Old Recipes For Plant-Based Meat, Opens In Tribeca”, Forward.com, November 26 2019







“One’s a philanthropist on a mission. The other’s a veggie-loving star chef.  Now, these Jewish women are teaming to open a burger chain whose “plant-powered” menu is designed to outdo animal products.”  More

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“Israeli Restaurant In Portland Hit By Anti-Semitic Hacker Campaign”, Forward.com, November 25 2019







“Shalom Y’all’s mission of inclusivity, its manager said, makes the phone-hacking incident even more appalling. ‘Our name is the point. It’s like, ‘peace, y’all’. The ethos is to bring people together.'” More

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“Now Gingerbread? These Flavored Hummuses Are Getting Out of Hand”, Forward.com, November 19 2019








“We’ve tolerated dark-chocolate hummus. We abided – yech – pumpkin-spice flavored hummus.  But gingerbread hummus, unleashed on the world this month by a brand called Limited Time Originals, may have pushed us over the edge.”  More


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“Kosher Eatery Denied From Manchester Christmas Market”, Forward.com, November 12 2019






“So was it anti-Semitism, bureaucracy, or something else?  That’s what the owners of a Manchester, UK kosher restaurant are wondering after the local city council denied their application for space at an annual Christmas Market.”  More

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“Five Places to Visit in Montreal With Sugar Sammy”, The New York Times, November 8 2019










“A superstar in Quebec with a growing global following — he recently sold out a four-month residency in Paris — the comedian Sugar Sammy relishes returning to Montreal after touring.”  More

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“This Israeli Chef Found Michelin Starred Restaurants ‘F*cking Boring’. So He Turned To Kosher.”, Forward.com, November 7 2019







“’Gluten-free’ and ‘kosher’ often portend culinary tedium. But at Arba, a newish Upper West Side hotspot, Israeli chef Nir Zook has made magic with a vegetable-forward, brightly flavored menu that’s as virtuous as delicious.”  More

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“12 things no one tells you about Montreal”, ThePointsGuy, November 6 2019







“Montreal’s easy to fall in love with, but doesn’t reveal itself easily to visitors. These 12 tips will get you a little closer to the beating heart of Canada’s second-largest city.”  More

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