“This Summer Romance Turned Into An Artisanal Ice Cream Partnernship”, Forward.com, August 6 2018






“Shidduchs have been known to happen at Camp Moshava, the kibbutz-inspired, social justice-focused Maryland summer camp.  But the sweetest hookup story – literally – might involve David and Laura Alima.”  More


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“August Is National Deli Month. It’s Time To Fress.”, Forward.com, August 1 2018








“Ziggy Gruber’s dedication to deli is unwavering. And the Houston-based Kenny & Ziggy’s owner is gearing up for his third annual National Deli Month, August 1-31, which spotlights 19 Jewish delis across the country through signature dishes and charity work.”  More

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“An Upper West Side Iconic Barbershop Just Became A Museum”, Forward.com, July 25 2018






“It turns out mohels aren’t the only Jews good at cutting.  Fourth-generation barber Arthur Rubinoff just opened the NYC Barber Shop Museum on a busy Upper West Side block, in a 670-square-foot storefront that doubles as a haircuttery.”  More


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“Midtown NYC Gets Yet Another High-End Kosher Restaurant “, Forward.com, July 23 2018






“Barnea Bistro’s price tags – $50 for halibut with brocollini, $64 for rack of lamb, $18 for summer pea soup – reflect its Midtown Manhattan location, as well as the realities of opening a restaurant in New York City in 2018.”  More

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“Jonathan Gold Made Food Writing Into An Art — Like No One Before”, Forward.com, July 23 2018








“I never wrote to Gold to tell him how much he inspired me. His worldview on food, community, and the restaurant as social experience cut through the marketing, brand-driven fakery, and celebrity-chef mediocrity that passes as dining these days.”  More

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“Meet Seymour Steinbigle Who Discovered Madonna and The Ramones”, Forward.com, July 18 2018






“In his autobiography ‘Siren Song’, Stein tells all — and we mean all — about his unbelievable life, with seemingly every instance of sex, drugs, or rock ‘n’ roll recalled in full color. For the Jewish kid from Brooklyn born Seymour Steinbigle, it’s been quite a ride.”  More

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“Why Sabich Is the New Falafel”, Forward.com, July 18 2018









“The title of a new essay collection telegraphs you’re in for a bumpy ride. And Unholy Land: An Unconventional Guide to Israel delivers, with punchy, unfiltered writing from young Israeli scribes like actor Rana Werbin, novelist Reuven Miran, and social critic David Sorotzkin.”  More

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