“Add this to your quarantine reading list: 500 pages on Jewish dairy restaurants and the ‘milkhideke’ personality”, Forward.com, May 27 2020









“While the book plumbs the history of Jewish dairy eateries — hundreds of which once dotted New York City — it also spends its 499 pages on kosher law, English pleasure gardens, 17th-century vegetarianism, Yiddish literature, German milk spas, Leo Tolstoy, proper udder-handling, fake meat, class conflicts, Yom Kippur riots, and the milkhedike personality”.  More

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“A Chat with Diane Kochilas”, Estiator, May 8 2020






“From her hit PBS series My Greek Table to award-winning cookbooks to popular cooking classes, Diane Kochilas has become a passionate global ambassador for Greek cuisine.”  More

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“Where We Are, and Where We’re Going”, Estiator, May 8 2020










“How are owners, chefs, and operators coping with the pandemic? Estiator spoke to six of them across the country to hear, firsthand, what it’s been like navigating the toughest crisis most of us have seen in our lifetimes.”  More

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“Backstreet’s Back”, Travel + Leisure, April 2020








“On Geary Avenue – an alley in northwestern Toronto’s Davenport neighborhood – a restaurant-and-retail row has taken root among factories and auto body shops.” More

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“Jewish restaurants and community members band together to send food to COVID hospital workers”, Forward.com, April 1 2020










“Comfort food is Mile End Deli’s signature.  Now, the Brooklyn-born, Montreal-flavored restaurant is delivering it, literally.”  More

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“‘We created beautiful environments in those restaurants. It’s hard to capture that in a paper bag.’”, Forward.com, March 26 2010







“For restaurants and the people behind them, COVID-19 has been a wrecking ball.  How are they managing through the crisis? What changes have they instituted to survive?”  More

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“Chicago gets a vegan, traditional Jewish deli in ‘Sam & Gerties’”, Forward.com, March 11 2020







“Sam & Gertie’s looks like a classic Jewish deli.  But there’s a twist.”  More

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“The ‘bagelrito’ has taken cross-cultural food experiments too far”, Forward.com, February 21 2020







“We love cross-cultural kitchen experiments – Jew-panese, Jew-maican, Jew-orican, even Jew-rean.  But Einstein Bros might have finally pushed it too far.”  More

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“This NYC Bakery Is Now Selling Cake Wrapped In An Etgar Keret Story”, Forward.com, February 20 2020







“Etgar Keret’s new short story might receive some unusual reviews: ‘Moist!’ ‘Luscious!’ ‘Crumbly!’ That’s because the acclaimed Israeli author has lent his name to a new cake line.”  More

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“The Essential Guide to Prince Edward Island”, AFAR, February 19 2020






“Canada’s smallest province packs a big punch, offering gorgeous scenery, the world’s longest bridge, rich natural resources, and outsized personality.”  More

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