“A London Kitchen Turning Out Israeli Street Food”, The New York Times, June 2 2017


“’This food came from Israel, spread its wings, and became part of London,’ Chef Eran Tibi said. Fittingly, Bala Baya’s logo is a winged camel.”  More

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“Jewish Writers Star At New American Writers Museum”, Forward.com, May 15 2017







“Ann Landers and Susan Sontag. Allen Ginsberg and Isaac Bashevis Singer. Gertrude Stein and Shel Silverstein. And a pioneering journalist named Ab Cahan. When the American Writers Museum opens this week in Chicago, Jewish visitors will find themselves well-represented.”  More

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“The Truth About Jet Lag”, ThePointsGuy.com, May 7 2017

“Convinced you’re late for work, you panic at 2:00am. You’re set for a good night’s sleep — at lunchtime. The sun has set as scheduled, but you can’t grasp why it’s dark outside. Sound familiar?”  More

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“Inside the World’s Coolest New Co-Working Spaces”, ThePointsGuy.com, May 6 2017








“Free snacks? So last month. The coolest new co-working spaces let you work in an architectural landmark, detox with an Xbox, hobnob with indie-rock royalty or munch artisan pastries as you teleconference.”  More

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“London Is More Colorful and Dynamic Than Ever”, NY Daily News, May 5 2017






“From food to fashion and culture, there’s a confidence and color that makes even New York City feel a little demure. Brexit headlines be damned, it’s a great time to visit.”  More

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“Mordecai Richler’s Cartoonagrapher Looks Back On a 50 Year Career”, Forward.com, May 1 2017







“Canada’s foremost editorial cartoonist is finally opening up about his long-term relationship with Mordecai Richler, the larger-than-life Montreal-born writer.”  More

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“Anthony Russell : a future in Yiddish music”, UK Jewish Chronicle, April 28 2017






“’When I made the decision to be a Jew, I also made the decision not to leave my own culture behind. I want to be as much of myself as possible,’ says Anthony Russell.”  More

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