“The Israeli Celebrity Chef Who Served Pig On Yom Kippur Is Coming To NYC”, Forward.com, January 30 2019


“There was the suckling pig recipe on Yom Kippur. There was the successful push to overturn a ban on the sale of bread during Passover. And there was the disappearing act after he sold his successful bakery chain.”  More


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“Philadelphia’s Rising Drag Star Is A Ukulele Champion With Deep Jewish Roots”, Forward.com, January 21 2019


“Not every bearded drag queen can play the ukulele in a towering purple wig and a dress made of balloons.  But Eric Jaffe has turned that schtick into a burgeoning career.”  More


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Observer’s PR Power List 2018, December 2018


For the fifth year, I edited and wrote the Observer’s PR Power List, a ranking of the most influential firms in the business.  I also assembled a dozen category rankings, including Tech PR, Fashion PR, Food PR, and more, along with a roster of the industry’s rising stars.  You can visit the section here.

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“General Tso’s Poutine And Drag Queens: Best 2018 Jewish Christmas Events In The US”, Forward.com, December 21 2018






“For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. For some of us, it’s just… Tuesday, this year. But there are plenty of places for Jews to observe in our own way — by eating and laughing. Here’s a roundup of the coolest Jew-y Christmas happenings across the country.”  More

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“Kim Kushner’s ‘I Heart Kosher’ Aspires To Be The New Bible For Entertaining While Jewish”, Forward.com, December 11 2018


Do what you want.  It’s not exactly what you’d expect to read in a cookbook – especially one that’s kosher. But that’s the angle in I Heart Kosher, the new collection of recipes from kosher-food maven Kim Kushner.”  More

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Jewish Read more: https://forward.com/food/415699/kim-kushners-i-heart-kosher-aspires-to-be-the-new-bible-entertaining/

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“10 Israeli Restaurants Make The Cut For International ‘Ethical Dining’ Guidebook”, Forward.com, December 7 2018


TLC“Not one Jewish or kosher eatery in the US made the cut.  But in Israel, ten restos qualified for Truth, Love, & Clean Cutlery, whose criteria include organic, sustainable, and ethical considerations.”  More

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“Meet The Forward’s Fearless Women In Journalism Award Recipients”, Forward.com, December 4 2018




“You’re about to meet five remarkable Jewish women whose achievements have helped shape journalism — and our world.”  More

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