“From Obama’s speechwriter to comedy”, (UK) Jewish Chronicle, April 2 2018






“Thanks, Obama: My Hopey Changey White House Years (Ecco), David Litt’s precisely observed account of his tenure as a presidential speechwriter, is actually a riot. But to read it is to realise all that’s been lost since his ex-boss’s departure from Washington.”  More


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“Is There a Maven for Everything?”, Forward magazine, April 2018






“Is Yiddish the new black for marketers?  ‘Maven’, meaning ‘expert, connoisseur, or authority’, is emerging as one of the hottest brand names of 2018.”  More

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“The Best Train Rides in Canada”, CondeNastTraveler.com, March 16 2018






“Canada is second only to Russia when it comes to landmass, which means seeing its vast wilderness can be overwhelming. Luckily, railroad tracks crisscross most of it, and train rides allow you to take in some of the world’s most spectacular scenery, stress-free.”  More

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“Where Will You Dine This Passover?”, Forward.com, March 13 2018







“It’s been a banner year for Jewish dining, from nouveau delis to artisan Ashkenazi. That means you’ve got a dazzling array of choices if you’re inclined to celebrate Passover 2018 in a restaurant.”  More

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“Montreal’s Bagel Wars Are Heating Up”, Forward.com, March 8 2018







“The Montreal-born owner of Ottawa’s Kettleman’sbagels is eyeing an ambitious expansion that would land him at the doorstep of formidable competitors.”  More

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“Sleep Tips for the Global Traveler”, Saatva’s Sleep Stories, March 7 2018






“Even after you conquer jet lag, a good night’s sleep can elude you when you travel to far-flung destinations with unusual temperatures, unfamiliar day/night cycles, or unaccustomed altitude.”  More

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“Fashion Takes Flight: Our Favorite Designer Airline Uniforms”, ThePointsGuy.com, March 5 2018









“Zac Posen’s collection for Delta takes flight on May 29; in the meantime, here are some of the best recent collabs between couturiers and carriers.”  More

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