“7 haunted houses that will leave you shaking”, NY Daily News, September 18 2017







“With Hollywood-quality special effects, custom-build sets, and highly enthusiastic actors, these haciendas of horror will help you connect with the seasonal spirit(s).”  More


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“These fall food festivals will have you drooling, from San Gennaro to the Chile Pepper Festival”, NY Daily News, September 15 2017







“In New York, food festivals come in all flavors. Whether it’s a hot time at Brooklyn’s Chile Pepper festival, home cooking by “chefugees,” or dinner with the stars, it’s all on the menu this season.”  More

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“These day trips from NYC lead to airy resorts, cools castles and a fly-fishing haven”, NY Daily News, September 15 2017








“As autumn falls into place, it’s time to get outta town. No, we mean it. As temperatures dip and leaves change, there’s no better time for a weekend getaway.”  More

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“6 best orchards for apple picking near NYC”, NY Daily News, September 14 2017







“If you’ve cruised New York’s greenmarkets, you know our area is blessed with bountiful orchards. But why just stuff apples in a plastic bag?”  More

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“The Best Bagels in New York”, Forward.com, September 11 2017






“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an Ess-a-Bagel bagel! That’s just a slight exaggeration. Since 1976, this East Side bakery has cranked out the city’s biggest, brawniest bagels for out-the-door lines of appreciative New Yorkers.”  More

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“Air Canada and the FAA Didn’t Delay SFO Incident Probe, Expert Says”, ThePointsGuy.com, September 10 2017








“The accusation was serious: By dragging their feet and delaying reports, the Federal Aviation Administration and Air Canada hindered the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation into July’s terrifying near-miss incident at San Francisco International Airport.”  More

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“The Best Jewish Delis In New York”, Forward.com, September 10 2017






“Party like it’s 1888. That might as well be Katz’s slogan; after more than 125 years, New York’s most famous deli still draws capacity crowds.”  More

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