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New: “Asian, Vegan, Or Keto: Seder Menus Are Leaning Trendy”,, April 15 2018







“Is your seder leaning Asian, vegan, or keto this year? A new report says you’re not alone.”  More
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New: “Lucky Lee’s, Promising ‘Clean’ Chinese Food, Is At Center Of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Firestorm”,, April 12 2019







“A Jewish celebrity nutritionist — and her so-called ‘clean’ Chinese food — is at the center of a cultural-appropriation firestorm after she opened a Greenwich Village restaurant this week.”  More

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New: “Where To Get A Seat At A James-Beard-Award-Winning Passover Seder — and Others In NYC And Beyond”,, April 12 2019






“When did Passover become so cool? You’ll have options this year for biodynamic, Indian-inspired, and James-Beard-Award-winning-chef seders.”  More

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“Carl Reiner On Judaism, Atheism And The ‘Monster’ In The White House”,, April 1 2019


“At 96, Carl Reiner still slays. The comedy deity, who is being honored this week at the Westchester Jewish Film Festival, has maintained his singular outlook — melding the clear-eyed and cockeyed, the everyday and absurd.”  More

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“In Hospitality, Haimish Is Hot: Why Are Hotels Turning To Jewish Delis?”,, March 27 2019


“Jewish delis have become trendy in hotels, including Mile End Deli at Nashville’s Fairlane and Zobler’s inside London’s Ned hotel. Why is haimish suddenly hot in hospitality?”  More

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“Hotel Review: The St. Regis Toronto”, The New York Times, March 16 2019


“All hotel openings involve some drama, but the St. Regis Toronto — the brand’s first property in Canada — comes with an epic back story.”  More

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“This Jewish Feminist Artist Was Poisoned — By Her Own Artwork”,, February 4 2019


“Gillian Genser barely survived a toxic relationship of biblical proportions.”  More


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