New: “House Hunting in Greece: A Custom-Built Perch on the Aegean Coast”, The New York Times, September 22 2021

“Custom-built for the sellers in 2015, the 5,920-square-foot house offers sweeping vistas across the Petalioi Gulf, in the Aegean Sea, from every floor.” More

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New: “A Limestone Castle in Toronto With Hockey in the Backyard”, Mansion Global, September 21 2021

“Inspired by his love of France, and his fascination with Loire Valley chateaux, a Toronto entrepreneur commissioned this castle-like home in 1994.” More

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“Worldwise: SCAD Founder Paula Wallace’s Favorite Things”, Barron’s/Penta, September 16 2021

“The name of a new exhibition in Lacoste, France—’Notre Ami, Pierre Cardin’—has special meaning for Paula Wallace.” More

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“Power Chefs”, Estiator, September 2021

“It seems almost quaint to bring up gender in our industry. But only a quarter of chefs in the U.S. are female, according to recent data. And as recent reckonings around bad behavior have proved, restaurants haven’t always been comfortable environments for women.” More

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“This Restored 13th-Century Swiss Chateau Is Quintessentially European”, Mansion Global, September 9 2021

“A 17-acre estate in Switzerland Lake Geneva region, including a vineyard, winery and a restored 13th-century chateau, will go to auction online next month.” More

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“Great Escapes: Toronto, Canada’s Global City”, Barron’s/Penta, September 3 2021

“Toronto’s so linked to avatars of cool—from Drake to the Raptors to Broken Social Scene—it’s hard to believe it once bore the burdensome moniker ‘Toronto the Good.'” More

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“Good Company: Walker Hotels’ Cultural Events for a Cause”, Barron’s/Penta, August 25 2021

“On a sultry Saturday in July, a visitor in the lobby of Greenwich Village’s Walker Hotel extended an arm, rose from a settee, and languidly twirled. Another, clad in shorts and a tank top, gestured as if longing to touch the first. Six other lithe “guests” started swaying as their unsuspecting audience looked on, transfixed.” More

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“House Hunting in Canada: A Log Palace in the Mountains of Alberta”, The New York Times, August 18 2021

“It’s crazy secluded,” the listing agent said. “There’s no one else you can see or hear. And no one is going to build on the reserve behind you.” More

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“At London’s Old War Office, a £30 Million Corner Unit Features Grand Gothic Architecture”, Mansion Global, August 11 2021

“Completed in 1906, the grand Gothic-style Old War Office has ties to epochal figures like Winston Churchill, as well as pop-culture icons like James Bond, whose fictional employers were based here.” More

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“Contemporary Rammed-Earth House Takes in Camelback Mountain From Every Room”, Mansion Global, August 4 2021

“’This home is a piece of art,’ said Jim Bruske of Engel & Völkers Scottsdale, the listing agent. ‘Everyone who visits is mesmerized. And it sits at the north base of Camelback Mountain, with absolutely amazing views.’” More

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