Latest: “10 Israeli Restaurants Make The Cut For International ‘Ethical Dining’ Guidebook”,, December 7 2018


TLC“Not one Jewish or kosher eatery in the US made the cut.  But in Israel, ten restos qualified for Truth, Love, & Clean Cutlery, whose criteria include organic, sustainable, and ethical considerations.”  More

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Latest: “Meet The Forward’s Fearless Women In Journalism Award Recipients”,, December 4 2018




“You’re about to meet five remarkable Jewish women whose achievements have helped shape journalism — and our world.”  More

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Latest: How A Holocaust Survivor Made The Four Seasons The Home Of The ‘Power Lunch'”,, December 4 2018









“‘If it wasn’t for Tom Margittai,’ Four Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini told the Times, ‘American cuisine the way we know it today would not exist.’”  More

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Latest: “Where To Find The Best Doughnuts In NYC and Philadelphia”,, December 2 2018







“Along with the other miracles at Chanukah, we’ve got sufganiyot to celebrate. Typically jelly-filled, the round Israeli donuts take on ever-more decadent forms every year. With that in mind, here’s our very selective list of 2018’s best.”  More
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Latest: “Carnegie Deli Returns As Pop-Up For ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’”,, November 29 2018








“That Mrs. Maisel has got some chutzpah. First, she says things no 1950s housewife should utter. Now, she’s resurrecting the Carnegie Deli.”  More


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Latest: “Is Toronto Home To The World’s Best Falafel?”,, November 26 2018







“Could the world’s best falafel come from a former industrial building on a quiet street just north of downtown Toronto?  I’m already waiting for blowback from that statement, but the herb-infused, bright-green orbs I had at Parallel looked, tasted, and smelled like no falafel I’ve experienced anywhere.”  More


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Latest: “Shoo Shoo Is The Latest Middle Eastern Restaurant To Open In New York”,, November 25 2018







“Nur, Dez, NishNush, Miss Ada, Timna, Shuka…. The more Middle-Eastern joints seem to open, the more New Yorkers seem to flock to them.  And the latest to hang up a Mediterranean-flavored shingle is Shoo Shoo, which started serving its spin on staples like falafel, hummus, sabich, and shakshuka last week.”  More


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