This just in! Fresser’s Summit at Toronto’s Ashkenaz Festival, September 3








I’m moderating the first-ever Fresser’s Summit at Toronto’s biennial Ashkenaz Festival!  On the panel:  Stars like author Michael Wex, deli guru Zane Caplansky, Free Times Cafe pioneer Judy Perly, and Gefilteria doyenne Liz Alpern.  No pressure!

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This just in: Go.Forward tour of Montreal and Toronto








Over Labor Day weekend, I’ll be leading a tour of Montreal and Toronto for Go.Forward, the Forward’s new brand of “educational travel” experiences.  Find out more.

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“How a Nice Jewish Girl From New Jersey Became a Hot Sushi Chef”,, August 23 2016







“The pool of Jewish sushi chefs is shallow. The circle of female Jewish sushi chefs, even smaller. And Jewish women sushi chefs who are certified knife sharpeners? Possibly a society of one — Yael Peet.”  More

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Latest: “The Fall and Rise of a California Girl”, Jewish Chronicle (UK), August 19 2016








“To music fans, Brix Smith-Start will always be the woman who helped transform The Fall – arguably one of Britain’s most influential bands – from a sour, image-averse boys’ club to a shape-shifting group that skirted fashion, pop, and something like stardom.”  More

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Latest: “Once-dicey Buffalo, New York is on the cusp of something big”, NY Daily News, July 28 2016







“From its booming city center to its buzzing West Side, Buffalo — once considered too dicey to even walk around — feels like a city on the cusp of something big.”  More

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Latest: “Glitzing Up the Watergate Hotel Without Losing Hint of Infamous Scandal”,, July 26 2016








“‘No need to break in’, joke the room keys. Staff uniforms come from Mad Men’s costume designer. A sleek whiskey bar looks like the VIP room of the Starship Enterprise.”  More

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This just in: “Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women” now open at Israel’s Negev Museum of Art

This just in!  Graphic Details is now open at the Negev Museum of Art in Israel.  The show, which I co-curated, has thrilled audiences in San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Washington, DC, Miami Beach, Portland, Columbus, and London, UK.  It was inspired by a story I wrote for the Forward, America’s national Jewish news source. The Forward is sponsoring Graphic Details.  PS – A book inspired by the show won a 2016 Eisner Award.

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