Latest: “8 Under-the-Radar Hotels in Canada We Love”,, August 20 2017






“Canada is the world’s second-largest country, geographically speaking. Maybe that’s why its smallest hotels seem like such discoveries—jewel-like accommodations embedded in spectacular natural settings, or luxurious lodgings slipped in urban pockets so discreet even locals might miss them.”  More

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Latest: “Why Airplanes Get Stuck on the Tarmac, And What Happens When They Do”, ThePointsGuy, August 20 2017







“Last month’s unfortunate case of two Air Transat flights stuck for six steaming hours on the tarmac after landing in Ottawa, spurring 911 calls from desperate passengers, may have been extreme. But variations on it play out almost every day.”  More

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Latest: “Canadian charm mixed with modern touches make Calgary and Edmonton must-visit spots”, NY Daily News, August 18 2017







“If Calgary’s the buttoned-up bro with an MBA, Edmonton is the tattooed kid who went to art school.”  More

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Latest: ” Chicago culture: art, literature and BBQ”, (UK) Jewish Chronicle, August 13 2017






“Though it’s not a Jewish institution, the sheer range of Semitic scribes honoured at Chicago’s newly   opened American Writers Museum is impressive.  It’s a perfect metaphor for Chicago itself.”  More

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“The ‘Muji of Marijuana’ Opens Its Doors in Toronto”,, August 6 2017








“Welcome to Tokyo Smoke, the world’s most haute head shop. Opened July 20 on Toronto’s ultra-hip Queen Street West, it’s the new flagship of a retailer as dedicated to great design as a good toke. Think, Muji, but for marijuana.”  More

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“Here’s How PBS’s ‘Food Flirts,’ 75 and 80, Work It With Young Chefs”,, August 2 2017

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“Jewish Sisters Bring Their Brand Of Haimish Veganism To The LES”,, August 2 2017






“Erica and Sara Kubersky owe their success to cute Israeli cows.  ‘We met the calves,’ recalls Erica. “We fell in love. And that’s where the vegan thing started.'”  More

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