New: “House Hunting in Chile: A Sinuous Oceanfront Wonder for $2 Million”, The New York Times, December 2 2021

“Set on craggy cliffs that jut into the Pacific Ocean, this undulating, 3,800-square-foot house outside Los Vilos, Chile, was designed by Ryue Nishizawa, co-founder of the Pritzker Prize-winning Tokyo architecture firm Sanaa.” More

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New: “Smart Ovens That Will Change You From Cooking Klutz to Master Chef”, Mansion Global, November 30 2021

“The pandemic led many of us to discover the joy of cooking. It also made apparent the need to upgrade kitchen appliances—and ovens are a good place to start.” More

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New: “A ‘Toes-in-the-Sand’ Beachfront Unit in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico”, Mansion Global, November 23 2021

“This one-level residence at the new Four Seasons Resort and Residences Cabo San Lucas in Mexico includes 4,519 square feet indoors and 1,066 square feet of outdoor space with a small private pool.” More

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New: “20 Minutes With: Prolific Art Collector Mohammed Afkhami”, Barron’s/Penta, November 22 2021

“As the founder of Dubai-based investment giant Magenta Capital Partners, Mohammed Afkhami knows the art of the deal. And as a voracious collector, he also knows the deal in art. Now, standouts of his 600-piece collection form the basis of a new exhibition at the Asia Society Museum in New York.” More

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New: “20 Minutes With: Rachel Goslins, Director of Washington’s Newest Museum Experience”, Barron’s/Penta, November 15 2021

“The newest museum in Washington, D.C.—and possibly the coolest—is actually 140 years old. And its new director, Rachel Goslins, is taking a moonshot with a wildly ambitious exhibition aimed at nothing less than hope for the future.” More

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“25 top public relations hires as companies like Starbucks and Edelman nab talent in a tight labor market”, Business Insider, November 10 2021

“While the PR industry has always prized top-tier talent, hiring has been fiercely competitive this year, agency owners and executives tell Insider.” More

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“There Are Merits to Collaborative Rather Than Ego-Driven Architecture, Industry Veteran Says”, Mansion Global, November 8 2021

“Andres Blanco, who joined the firm in 2000, spent some time speaking to Mansion Global about creative partnerships, the cult of the architect, social media’s effects on design and how the pandemic changed aspirations for ‘luxury.'”. More

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“Smart Air Fryers to Boost Your Cooking Game”, Mansion Global, November 2 2021

“With so many of us still cooking at home instead of dining out, we’re continually having to brush up on culinary techniques. An air fryer offers one of the easiest kitchen shortcuts for preparing a huge range of foods.” More

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“Townhouse Boasts One of the Largest Gardens in Downtown Manhattan”, Mansion Global, November 1 2021

“The last townhouse at new development 17 Jane in New York City’s West Village is a mansion-sized duplex unit with five bedrooms, six bathrooms and one of the largest gardens in downtown Manhattan.” More

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“House Hunting in Canada: A Restored 19th-Century Farmhouse in Quebec”, The New York Times, October 27 2021

“It’s rare to find a house this age outside of Old Quebec,” said Alexandre Boutet of Engel & Volkers Quebec, the listing agent. “In the suburbs, people treated these as tear-downs, so there aren’t many left.” More

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