New: “Here’s How Molly Yeh Does Rosh Hashanah”,, September 7 2018







“Maybe that’s why the TV star (The Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm), author (Molly on the Range) and lifestyle maven brings such such freedom and fun to her own Rosh Hashanah recipes.”  More


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New: “Celebs Are Getting A Rosh Hashanah Service At The Toronto International Film Festival”,, September 5 2018










“For the first time, the world’s biggest cinema expo – and a celebrity magnet – will feature a pop-up synagogue to accommodate Jewish festivalgoers on Rosh Hashanah.”  More

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New: “A Montreal Hotel So Modern That Room Service Is by Robot”, The New York Times, September 1 2018










“The Monville’s robot room service, the first in Canada, became my favorite part of the stay. A cross between R2-D2 and a Roomba, the robot — covered in colorful cartoon controls — rolls silently from kitchen to guest rooms and back.”  More

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New: “The Real Story Behind Einat Admony’s Balaboosta Re-Opening”,, August 28 2018







“Chef Einat Admony just announced she’s closing Bar Bolonat, her well-reviewed West Village hotspot.  But if you’re expecting her to sit shiva, you haven’t followed her storied career.”  More

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New: “This Rosh Hashanah, Breads Bakery Is Making Its Own Honey”,, August 23 2018








“Around the High Holidays, Breads Bakery always feels like a hive of activity.  But this year, that’s literally the case.”  More

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“Michael Solomonov’s Dizengoff Closes Its Doors”,, August 23 2018







“In Manhattan’s brutal restaurant market, even a Forward Food Awards nomination doesn’t guarantee success. So it’s with a heavy heart that we’re reporting the imminent demise of Dizengoff, the rockin’ Israeli spot inside Chelsea Market.”  More

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“Inside The Museum Of The Bible, This Chef Is Leading A Manna Revival”,, August 22 2018








“Some call it a miracle food. Others dismiss it as filling, but bland. But those reviews of manna came thousands of years ago, in the Bible. And a Washington, DC chef thinks it’s time to reconsider.”  More

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