New: “Beachfront Stone Mansion in Victoria, Canada, Takes in Views All the Way to Washington State”, Mansion Global, June 11 2021

“Custom-built in 2016 for a pair of Calgary transplants, this 11,900-square foot waterfront home in Victoria, Canada, enjoys eastern views across Cadboro Bay and the Haro Strait to the Gulf Islands and Washington state’s Olympic Mountains.” More

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New: “Menu Options”, Estiator, June 2021

“While the old printed menu isn’t dead, it may never come back in its previous form. But paper isn’t disappearing. It’s just becoming part of a next-generation mix of print and digital that can offer terrific opportunities to reconnect with customers.” More

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New: “House Hunting in Belgium: A Beaux-Arts Mansion for Under $2 Million”, The New York Times, June 2 2021

“Designed by the Belgian architects Alfred Portielje and Jan De Braey in 1926, this four-bedroom Beaux-Arts mansion in Central Antwerp, Belgium, was originally part of Résidence Sans Souci, a luxury apartment complex next door.” More

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“A Mansion-Sized Toronto Penthouse With 3,000 Square Feet of Outdoor Space”, Mansion Global, June 2 2021″

“This penthouse, in Yorkville, an affluent downtown enclave in Toronto, will offer more than 3,000 square feet of outdoor space and nearly twice as much indoor living space.” More

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“Head for the Hills: Texas Is Facing an Unprecedented Land Rush”, Mansion Global, May 31 2021

“Property buyers in Texas are heading for the hills—and plateaus, grasslands and prairies. Urban Texans are ‘stampeding’ to rural parts of the state, sparking a huge jumps in both sales volume and prices, according to a report from Texas A&M University.” More

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New: “20 Minutes With: Actor and Art Enthusiast Russell Tovey”, Barron’s/Penta, May 31 2021

“A self-described “art geek,” Tovey has starred in movies like The History Boys and The Good Liar and TV hits Years and Years and Looking. His personal collection includes more than 300 works, including the Tracey Emin print he bought in 2006 as his first acquisition.” More

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“20 Minutes With: Dustlight Productions Founder Misha Euceph”, Barron’s/Penta, May 18 2021

“As the founder of podcast studio Dustlight Productions, Misha Euceph has helped bring the voices of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Bruce Springsteen to millions. But the 28-year-old is also sharing less familiar stories.” More

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“This 98-Acre Estate in Ontario, Canada, Comes With Its Own Airfield”, Mansion Global, May 10 2021

“The property is a registered PPR (Prior Permission Required) airfield, with a 2,650-foot grass runway and two aviation hangars. Having flight facilities at a private home “is extremely rare,” Mr. Hope said.” More

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“A Rug Designer’s Artsy Contemporary Refuge in Venice, California”, Mansion Global, May 6 2021

“Custom-built for Los Angeles rug designer Erik Lindstrom in 2016, this three-bedroom, four-bathroom home is in the Silver Triangle neighborhood of Venice, California, a residential enclave where low-slung post-war bungalows abut contemporary homes.” More

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“This White-Box Penthouse Is Poised to Set a Record in Kelowna, Canada”, Mansion Global, May 4 2021

“With an asking price of C$10 million, this penthouse apartment has set a new benchmark for the Okanagan region of British Columbia in Canada.” More

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