Latest: “Take a Shower, Cook a Meal at This New York City Store”,, May 23 2016








“After  sipping my coffee and puttering around the kitchen, it was time to shower. While I luxuriated under warm jets in my glass-enclosed stall, eucalyptus lifted my mood. I dried off and dressed. Then it was time to leave the store.”  More


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Latest: “Did Orthodox Union Water Down Kosher Standards To Keep Manischewitz Happy?”, The Forward, May 20 2016











“A rabbi who worked for the Orthodox Union, the world’s biggest kosher certifier, for 20 years is claiming in a lawsuit that the agency acquiesced to demands from Manischewitz, a client and the iconic matzo-maker, that it soften its standards.”  More

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Latest: “Eater Editor Apologizes for Hate Speech”,, May 16 2016







“The editor of influential foodie site Eater has been placed on leave after former associates outed him as a onetime ‘right-wing skinhead.'”  More

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Latest: “The Power of Bone Broth Unleashed by West Village Eatery — It’s Paleo Friendly!”,, May 16 2016







“What does matzo-ball soup have to do with the paleo diet?  A lot, according to Jordan Feldman and Sam Eckstein. The pair this week opened Springbone Kitchen in New York’s West Village; bone broths, the nutrient-dense and very trendy soups popular with the paleo set, are the focus.”  More

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This just in: Go.Forward tour of Montreal and Toronto








This summer, I’ll be leading a tour of Montreal and Toronto for Go.Forward, the Forward’s new brand of “educational travel” experiences.  Find out more.

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This just in: “Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women” now open May 18 at Israel’s Negev Museum of Art

This just in!  Graphic Details is now open at the Negev Museum of Art in Israel.  The show, which I co-curated, has thrilled audiences in San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Washington, DC, Miami Beach, Portland, Columbus, and London, UK.  It was inspired by a story I wrote for the Forward, America’s national Jewish news source. The Forward is sponsoring Graphic Details.  PS – A book inspired by the show won a 2016 Eisner Award.

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Weekly Dish in the Forward


I’m a contributing editor at the Forward, the world’s leading Jewish news organization, where I write the Weekly Dish food column.  See the latest here.

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