New: “Buying a Westchester House ‘for the Dogs,’ but Could They Survive a Bidding War?”, The New York Times, September 29 2022

“Although they offered little vocal input, Dori and Morris loomed large when Rachel Ettlinger and Isaac Randel began hunting for a new home.” More

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New: “Cold and Connected—A Guide to Smart Cryotherapy”, Mansion Global, September 27 2022

“Chill out—it’s good for you. In fact, experts say cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, can decrease inflammation, accelerate healing, improve your skin and even alleviate migraines.” More

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“Travel Is the Gateway to Luxury-Home Purchases, Says Exclusive Resorts VP”, Mansion Global, September 26 2022

“A private vacation club founded by AOL pioneer Steve Case in 2002, Exclusive Resorts has grown to one of the largest owners of luxury real estate in the world.” More

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“House Hunting in Scotland: A 16th-Century Hotel for Under $2 Million”, The New York Times, September 7 2022

“Built in the 16th century and rebuilt 300 years later, this 12,798-square-foot manor house sits on the outskirts of Falkirk, a town in the central Scotland county of Stirlingshire.” More

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“Smart Massage Chairs That Will Rub You the Right Way”, Mansion Global, August 30 2022

“Today’s models might feature voice controls, light therapy, Bluetooth capabilities and AI-driven customization. Sophisticated internal mechanisms can enable sessions that emulate shiatsu or Swedish.” More

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“These 11 Scenic Canadian Train Trips Take You to Awe-Inspiring Northern Wonders”, Conde Nast Traveler, August 29 2022

I updated and expanded my 2018 story on Canada’s most memorable train rides. More

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“Old Is New Again for New York’s Luxury Buyers”, Mansion Global, August 29 2022

“Along with deep-dive research on neighborhoods and potential buyers, Daniel Parker taps a vast network of creative consultants to tailor buildings with both curb appeal and lasting value.” More

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“An English Estate Minutes Away From the Famous Glastonbury Festival”, Mansion Global, August 25 2022

“For music lovers, this 8-acre property occupies a strategic location in Huxham Green, a tiny hamlet in South West England.” More

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“Meet 21 rising stars of tech public relations”, Insider, August 23 2022

“With the best PR talent in big demand, Insider identified a crop of up-and-coming PR-tech stars helping solve tech companies’ biggest challenges through dozens of nominations and original reporting.” More

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“The 11 Best Hotels in Toronto”, AFAR, August 12 2022

“For a city that hosted a record 28 million visitors in the year before the pandemic, Toronto’s hotel scene always felt a little staid. That’s changed, on an epic scale.” More

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