“Woody Allen, Mad Magazine and the Vigoda Brothers Inspire Drew Friedman”, The Forward, November 25 2016










“Drew Friedman is obsessed with characters at the margins of memory. Now, in ‘More Heroes of the Comics,’ Friedman honors editors, publishers and artists who are less celebrated — but equally influential in the history of comics.”  More

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Latest: “A taste for forbidden flavours”, (UK) Jewish Chronicle, November 24 2016










Fleishig or milchig?  Those are the first words of Treyf, Elissa Altman’s kaleidoscopic memoir of growing up Jewish in post-second world war New York and the tumultuous decades that followed.”  More

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Latest: “New York’s coolest new coffee shops are in retail stores”, NY Daily News, October 28 2016








“Sure, you can find Starbucks at Macy’s or Uniqlo. But New York City retailers are upping their game when it comes to coffee.”  More

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Weekly Dish in the Forward


I’m a contributing editor at the Forward, the world’s leading Jewish news organization, where I write the Weekly Dish food column.  See the latest here.

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Latest: “Brothers Tell All from Gridiron to Gefilte Fish”, UK Jewish Chronicle, October 28 2016










“Its not unusual to find a latke recipe in a book. But it’s highly uncommon to see potato pancakes in a book about American football.”  More

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“How Jewish Comic Book Heroes Inspired Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art”, The Forward, October 18 2016

Robert Kirschener and Erin Clancey have a conversation while standing in front of wallpaper done by Lichtenstein. A new exhibition exploring the historical and cultural context of Roy Lichtenstein’s life and work is on view at the Skirball Cultural Center. The exhibition sheds light on the social impact of Pop Art, especially as it developed here in Los Angeles. Los Angeles, CA. October 6, 2016. Photo by John McCoy, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG

“As a new exhibition at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles suggests, Roy Lichtenstein’s Jewishness shaped the pop art pioneer’s career from his first experiments until the end of his life in 1997.”  More

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“European Travel Commission: Why You Should Still Travel to Europe”, CondeNastTraveler.com, October 10 2016








“De Wilde, who’s also president of Flanders Tourism in Belgium, came to New York recently with a message for Condé Nast Traveler’s audience: Keep calm—and come visit. ”  More

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