Latest: “Your Favorite Israeli Coffee Is Coming To The U.S.”,, February 20 2018






“Two decades after launching as a tiny Tel Aviv coffee shop, Israeli purveyor Cafe Joe will start percolating in the US as a direct-to-consumer coffee operation.”  More 


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Latest: “Toronto Upscale Diner Converting To Jewish Deli”,, February 16 2018







“It was an unconventional announcement from an unconventional restaurateur: In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper last month, Toronto’s Anthony Rose announced he was reinventing Rose & Sons, his white-hot upscale diner, as a Jewish deli.”  More

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New: “Don’t ignore this city on your next trip to Ecuador”, NY Daily News, February 9 2018





“Most visitors dash around Quito for a day before heading off to explore other Ecuadorian treasures, like Galapagos’ wonders or Cuenca’s Incan ruins. But Quito rewards longer sojourns.”  More


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Latest: “What Are the World’s Riskiest Places for LGBTQ Travelers?”,, February 9 2018






“While travel carries risks for anyone, LGBTQ travelers face a whole different set of variables. Are anti-gay laws on the books? Is it safe for a woman to mention her wife? Can you use a public bathroom that matches your gender identity?”  More

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“Witness The Creation Of The World’s Biggest Bagel And Lox Sandwich”,, February 7 2018






“If bagels at your local deli seem oversized, wait until National Bagel & Lox Day.  Acme Smoked Fish Corp. is teaming with Zucker’s Bagels this Friday, February 9, to build “the largest bagel and lox sandwich ever recorded.”  More

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“At the Boxotel in Montreal, Life is Lofty”, The New York Times, February 4 2018









“For her first hotel project, the Montreal property developer Marie-Jeanne Rivard wanted to mix the coziness of homestays, the services of a hotel and the downtown feel of loft living. The result, open since last winter, is something new for Montreal.” More

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“The Bentway, Toronto’s Newest Attraction, Is a Model for Other Cities”,, February 4 2018







“When the chance arose to create an urban “backyard” from dead space under a much-hated downtown freeway, movers and shakers in Toronto didn’t want to wait. And this month, less than three years after it was announced, the Bentway made a splashy debut.”  More

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