New: “Kish-Kash, Einat Admony’s Newest Venture, Finally Opens”,, June 21 2018







“Star chef Einat Admony has finally cut the ribbon on her newest restaurant, an Israeli-accented joint where Admony hopes to convert diners to ‘real couscous’ from the boxed pablum she says they’re used to eating.”  More


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New: “These New York and New Jersey beaches are worth a visit this summer”, NY Daily News, June 11 2018







“Our concrete jungle boasts some beautiful beaches, from out-of-the-way enclaves to packed party spots. Here are some of the best.”  More

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New: “Over 60? Here’s why you really need a good night’s sleep”, Saatva’s Sleep Stories, June 8 2018







“The National Sleep Foundation recently overhauled its sleep guidelines to recommend an average of seven hours a night for all adults over the age of 25—including the 65+ set.  It’s when you don’t get those seven hours that age differences really start to play out.”  More

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New: “A Very Forward Gift Guide To Father’s Day”,, June 8 2018








“Punk dad? Recovering-hippie dad? Kosher-curious dad? Whatever your papa’s quirks, there’s a Father’s Day gift to match.”  More


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New: “Celebrity Chef Michael Solomonov Is Going Kosher — For Just One Night”,, June 8 2018







“Ironically, one of the world’s best-known chefs won’t have a hand in the food. The meal’s not even coming from Philadelphia. Table One, a New York-based kosher catering company, will have cooking duties.”  More

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“Sweet N’ High: Cannabis-Infused Sweetener For Your Kugel”,, June 6 2018






“As a chef and restaurateur with famously exacting standards, Silver became frustrated at the fuzziness around cannabis edibles.  But he’s managed to crack the code of how long cannabis takes to kick in.”  More

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“Five cool summer day trips from New York City”, NY Daily News, June 4 2018







“Sometimes, the best thing about summer in the city is escaping it. Luckily, there’s a world of choices within driving range of the five boroughs, from wine country to water parks to world-class dining.”  More

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