Latest: “The Best Bagels in New York”,, September 11 2017






“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an Ess-a-Bagel bagel! That’s just a slight exaggeration. Since 1976, this East Side bakery has cranked out the city’s biggest, brawniest bagels for out-the-door lines of appreciative New Yorkers.”  More


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Latest: “Air Canada and the FAA Didn’t Delay SFO Incident Probe, Expert Says”,, September 10 2017








“The accusation was serious: By dragging their feet and delaying reports, the Federal Aviation Administration and Air Canada hindered the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation into July’s terrifying near-miss incident at San Francisco International Airport.”  More

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Latest: “The Best Jewish Delis In New York”,, September 10 2017






“Party like it’s 1888. That might as well be Katz’s slogan; after more than 125 years, New York’s most famous deli still draws capacity crowds.”  More

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Latest: “Best New Israeli/Middle Eastern Restaurants In NYC”,, September 7 2017






“The tireless Einat Admony hasn’t always had an easy ride — Combina, her tapas joint, shuttered fast — but she’s found her groove with Bar Bolonat, where Mediterranean flavors accent unpretentious, completely modern plates.”  More

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Latest: “10 Chic Toronto Hotels For Your Next Trip to Canada”,, September 3 2017






“Across the board, hotel rates have inflated with the number of tourists. To help you spend wisely, we’ve picked some of the city’s most interesting places to stay.”  More

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Latest: “Beloved Deli Braves Harvey — Stays Open Throughout The Storm,”, September 1 2017






“It seems nothing short of miraculous, but Kenny & Ziggy’s, the beloved Houston deli immortalized in the 2015 film ‘Deli Man,’ has emerged from Hurricane Harvey unscathed.”  More

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“7 Insane Ice Cream Flavors With Deliciously Hebrew DNA”,, September 1 2017






“Funny, that ice cream doesn’t look Jewish.  But one bite of the new rugelach ice cream at Quality Eats, a Manhattan steak house, reveals its Semitic roots.”  More


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