New: “Meghan’s Jewish best friend goes global”, (UK) Jewish Chronicle, May 25 2018






“Three children in the Royal wedding party belonged to Jessica Mulroney — nee Brownstein — scion of the Quebec Jewish family behind Browns, one of Canada’s largest footwear chains.”  More


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New: “This Bagel Shop Is So Hot You Can Only Buy 3 At A Time”,, May 24 2018







“At one of the country’s hottest new bagel shops, the big influence isn’t Montreal or New York. It’s Pizza Hut.”  More

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New: “How to Sleep on an Airplane (Even in the Middle Seat)”, Saatva’s Sleep Stories, May 24 2018






“Have a couple of drinks. Wait—on second thought, avoid alcohol. Eat until you’re full. No, fast a few hours. Pop a pill. Scratch that, no pharmaceuticals!
Does anyone really know the best way to sleep on a plane?”  More

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New: “Molly Yeh Scores New Food Network Show”,, May 24 2018







“‘Girl Meets Farm’, a Food Network series, shares Yeh’s infectious love of food as it reflects on her unlikely journey from Jewish-Chinese percussionist food blogger to Minnesota farm-dweller and kitchen powerhouse.”  More

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“How to Keep the ‘First-Night Effect’ from Ruining Your Sleep”, Saatva’s Sleep Stories, May 22 2018






“As anyone who’s spent a night in a hotel can attest, unfamiliar surroundings can make it tough to slumber. Scientists call it the first-night effect. In a nutshell, part of your brain is sleeping with one eye open because of ‘deviant external stimuli’ —i.e., stuff you’re not used to seeing.”  More

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“McDonald’s Surrenders To The Magic Of Bagels”,, May 16 2018








“The McDonald’s bagel isn’t New York or Montreal. It isn’t even Pittsburgh or Saskatoon. It’s a sponge-like, flavor-free, tooth-challenging object closer to a Nerf ball than to any kind of baked good.”  More


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“Tasting Buenos Aires”, (UK) Jewish Chronicle, May 11 2018








“Jewish food is flourishing here.  And it’s a fascinating window into both Jewish and Porteno culture.”  More

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