New: “As Dressbarn Stores Close Nationwide — The End Of A Jewish Family Empire”,, May 24 2019









“Women’s clothier Dressbarn has announced that its 650 stores would shutter within months.  But news reports have overlooked the chain’s very Jewish origin story — and the fact that anti-Semitism may have indirectly played a role in its 1962 launch.”  More


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New: “Former Breads Bakery Chef Is Opening A Rival Bakery In The Lower East Side”,, May 24 2019







“A new Lower East Side bakery might give beloved Breads — winner of multiple Forward Food Choice Awards — a run for its money.”  More

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New: “A Harlem Shabbat Dinner Is Attracting Celeb Chefs”,, May 16 2019







“The invitation from New York’s Jewish Food Society intrigued me: Why would superstar chef Marcus Samuelsson cook Shabbat dinner at a small JCC alongside Travel Channel food savant Andrew Zimmern and other notables?”  More

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New: “Hotel Review: Hotel Birks, Montreal”, The New York Times, May 3 2019







“While it imparts zero sense of place — the mood’s more Mitteleuropa than Montreal — the hotel’s bling-y opulence does create a plush cocoon.”  More

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“This Chef Is Making Artisanal Bread With Kasha Varnishkes”,, April 29 2019










“Remember the old commercials where peanut butter and chocolate collided into a spectacular combo that made both parts seem even tastier?  A New York chef has done that. With bread. And kasha varnishkes. And schmaltz and onions.”  More


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“Asian, Vegan, Or Keto: Seder Menus Are Leaning Trendy”,, April 15 2018







“Is your seder leaning Asian, vegan, or keto this year? A new report says you’re not alone.”  More
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“Lucky Lee’s, Promising ‘Clean’ Chinese Food, Is At Center Of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Firestorm”,, April 12 2019







“A Jewish celebrity nutritionist — and her so-called ‘clean’ Chinese food — is at the center of a cultural-appropriation firestorm after she opened a Greenwich Village restaurant this week.”  More

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