New: “Behind The Scenes At Toronto’s Glitziest — And Very Jewish — Steakhouse”,, December 4 2019








“Latkes, chopped liver, and pickles no longer appear on the menu at Hy’s.  But the steakhouse chain, which just opened a gilded 18,000-square-foot flagship in Toronto’s Financial District, has heimishe roots and a very Jewish backstory.”  More

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New: “You Can Now Book A Marvelous Mrs. Maisel-Themed Vacation In Miami”,, November 27 2019






“The Fontainebleau doesn’t just play Jewish on TV; it was designed by Morris Lapidus, a Russian Jewish immigrant whose hotel designs transformed Miami Beach’s landscape. At Passover the hotel’s historically been 2/3 occupied by kosher-keeping guests.”  More

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New: “Michael Solomonov Opens Yet Another Israeli Restaurant, In Philly’s Center City”,, November 27 2019







“It’s about 5,740 miles from Sansom Street in Philadelphia to central Tel Aviv.  But that distance got a little shorter this week with the opening of Merkaz, the latest celebration of Israeli food from James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Solomonov and business partner Steve Cook.”  More

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“Drake’s Blingy Toronto Restaurant, Pick 6ix, Shut Down”,, November 26 2019







“First, Drake got booed off the stage at a Los Angeles festival by concertgoers who apparently expected Frank Ocean to perform instead.  Now comes word that Drizzy’s blingy Toronto restaurant, Pick 6ix, was shut down this week for nonpayment of rent.”  More

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“Lekka Burger, Using 900-Year Old Recipes For Plant-Based Meat, Opens In Tribeca”,, November 26 2019







“One’s a philanthropist on a mission. The other’s a veggie-loving star chef.  Now, these Jewish women are teaming to open a burger chain whose “plant-powered” menu is designed to outdo animal products.”  More

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“Israeli Restaurant In Portland Hit By Anti-Semitic Hacker Campaign”,, November 25 2019







“Shalom Y’all’s mission of inclusivity, its manager said, makes the phone-hacking incident even more appalling. ‘Our name is the point. It’s like, ‘peace, y’all’. The ethos is to bring people together.'” More

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“Now Gingerbread? These Flavored Hummuses Are Getting Out of Hand”,, November 19 2019








“We’ve tolerated dark-chocolate hummus. We abided – yech – pumpkin-spice flavored hummus.  But gingerbread hummus, unleashed on the world this month by a brand called Limited Time Originals, may have pushed us over the edge.”  More


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