Latest: “Brussels, Belgium is Europe’s most underappreciated city”, NY Daily News, September 23 2016







“Culture and dining rival Paris or Madrid. A rich stock of centuries-spanning architecture makes Brussels a visual treat. And a nonstop influx of global influences — the airport had check-ins for airlines I’d never heard of — means the city is thrillingly international and in constant flux.”  More

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Latest: “The best apple orchards in the tri-state area”, NY Daily News, September 18 2016








“It’s not far from the Big Apple to some big apples. We’re surrounded by fruit farms, from family outfits to gigantic growers, and apples are a key crop in New York. Plus, orchards sweeten the deal with hayrides, entertainment, comfort food and petting zoos.”  More

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Latest: “A Buffalo Bakery Selling Treats and Shares”, The New York Times, September 18 2016










“Since BreadHive Cafe opened on Buffalo’s west side in July, customers have been walking in as if they own the place.  In a way, some do.”  More

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Latest: “6 scary getaways that will have you screaming, from haunted prisons to the ‘gates of hell'”, NY Daily News, September 17 2016








“There are some frightening sites within easy reach of New York City — think haunted houses, creepy castles, and even the ‘gates of hell’ itself.”  More

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Weekly Dish in the Forward


I’m a contributing editor at the Forward, the world’s leading Jewish news organization, where I write the Weekly Dish food column.  See the latest here.

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“How Av Isaacs Shaped Toronto’s Art Scene”,, September 17 2016





“Born in Winnipeg to Polish immigrants, Isaacovitch moved to Toronto in 1941, relabeled himself Av Isaacs, and became of Canada’s most fearless, prescient, and adventurous gallerists – almost single-handedly forging Toronto’s contemporary art scene.”  More

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“Mordecai Richler Gets a Mural in Montreal — And His Son Approves”,, September 14 2016








“Mordecai Richler has always been a larger-than-life presence in Montreal. Now, that’s literally the case.”  More

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