Latest: “Anthony Russell : a future in Yiddish music”, UK Jewish Chronicle, April 28 2017






“’When I made the decision to be a Jew, I also made the decision not to leave my own culture behind. I want to be as much of myself as possible,’ says Anthony Russell.”  More

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Latest: “Meet New Zealand’s Only Jewish Comic (Named Debbie)”,, April 24 2017









“Filler, who calls herself ‘New Zealand’s only Jewish comic,’ spoke to the Forward from her adopted home of Toronto. ‘I ended up here by chance after making a film,” she says. “And after Trump, it’s where I’m staying.'”  More 

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Latest: “Would Leonard Cohen Find This Gigantic Mural Embarrassing?”,, April 17 2017










“Leonard Cohen’s getting a gigantic tribute in Montreal.  But at least one prominent local thinks the late cultural icon would have cringed at his 28,000-square-foot, 20-story likeness plastered on a downtown building.”  More

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“In Trump’s America, It’s Hard To Be A Hyper-Realist”, The Forward, April 10 2017







“After four decades as a sculptor, Carole Feuerman is going into retail.”  More

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“How Airlines and Flight Attendants Are Fighting Child Trafficking”, ThePointsGuy, April 8 2017






“When Alaska Airlines flight attendant Sheila Fedrick helped rescue a teenage girl from a suspected human trafficker back in February, the incident made global headlines. But behind the scenes, carriers have worked for years to help combat modern-day slavery.”  More

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“Garth Drabinsky Returns To The Theater — And It’s Not A Pretty Sight”,, March 26 2017






“An overproduced, overcomplicated mess. Cringe-worthy. Bloated. The reviews are in for Sousatka, which opened last night in Toronto. And they’re not pretty.”  More

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“Bodily Fluid Project Unites Muslims and Jews”,, March 21 2017









“In a project melding interfaith dialogue and feminist theory, a Toronto gallery has brought together Jewish and Muslim women to study sacred texts.”  More

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