Latest: “Jewish Writers Star At New American Writers Museum”,, May 15 2017







“Ann Landers and Susan Sontag. Allen Ginsberg and Isaac Bashevis Singer. Gertrude Stein and Shel Silverstein. And a pioneering journalist named Ab Cahan. When the American Writers Museum opens this week in Chicago, Jewish visitors will find themselves well-represented.”  More

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Latest: “The Truth About Jet Lag”,, May 7 2017






“Convinced you’re late for work, you panic at 2:00am. You’re set for a good night’s sleep — at lunchtime. The sun has set as scheduled, but you can’t grasp why it’s dark outside. Sound familiar?”  More

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Latest: “Inside the World’s Coolest New Co-Working Spaces”,, May 6 2017








“Free snacks? So last month. The coolest new co-working spaces let you work in an architectural landmark, detox with an Xbox, hobnob with indie-rock royalty or munch artisan pastries as you teleconference.”  More

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Latest: “London Is More Colorful and Dynamic Than Ever”, NY Daily News, May 5 2017






“From food to fashion and culture, there’s a confidence and color that makes even New York City feel a little demure. Brexit headlines be damned, it’s a great time to visit.”  More

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“Mordecai Richler’s Cartoonagrapher Looks Back On a 50 Year Career”,, May 1 2017







“Canada’s foremost editorial cartoonist is finally opening up about his long-term relationship with Mordecai Richler, the larger-than-life Montreal-born writer.”  More

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“Anthony Russell : a future in Yiddish music”, UK Jewish Chronicle, April 28 2017






“’When I made the decision to be a Jew, I also made the decision not to leave my own culture behind. I want to be as much of myself as possible,’ says Anthony Russell.”  More

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“Meet New Zealand’s Only Jewish Comic (Named Debbie)”,, April 24 2017









“Filler, who calls herself ‘New Zealand’s only Jewish comic,’ spoke to the Forward from her adopted home of Toronto. ‘I ended up here by chance after making a film,” she says. “And after Trump, it’s where I’m staying.'”  More 

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