New: “London Ups Its Kosher Game With New High-End Cafe”,, July 13 2018







“London’s a leading light for Israeli cuisine – think Ottolenghi, Honey & Co., and Bala Baya, for starters. But kosher food? Not so much. Tish is trying to change that.”  More


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New: “Their Mom Died Of Cancer; They Published A Cookbook In Her Memory”,, July 9 2018










“Joanne Godel-Blatt was “an outstanding cook”, her son Oliver remembers. So when the mother of two died of cancer last July, Oliver and his sister Georgia turned to food to celebrate her memory.”

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New: “This Jewish Chiropractor Is Cooking For The Food Network”,, July 2 2018








“A Jewish chiropractor who can cook? Sounds like the perfect husband.  But Jason Goldstein’s taken. And his culinary skills have landed him a spot as a finalist on this season’s Food Network Star, striving to impress kitchen royalty like Bobby Flay and Giada DeLaurentiis.”  More

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New: “‘The Cakemaker’ Finds Eroticism In Baking And Grief”,, June 28 2018










“Set in Berlin and Jerusalem, ‘The Cakemaker’ is just another boy-meets-boy, boy-loses-boy, boy-meets-boy’s-widow, widow-falls-for-boy story. In other words, it’s unlike anything you’re likely to see this year, and an unflinching, ravishing look at a broken romantic triangle.”  More

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New: “This World-Renowned Chocolatier Is Reinventing Cacao Fruit”,, June 26 2018







“Five years after a noncompete agreement forced him out of retail, the co-founder of Israeli chocolate powerhouse Max Brenner has resurfaced with a storefront boutique that’s much more modest than his old business — but even more ambitious.”  More

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New: “By Chloe Co-Founder Is Opening A Middle Eastern Restaurant In SoHo”,, June 25 2018







“New York’s seemingly endless hunger for Middle Eastern food keeps growing. And the latest contender in the crowded category comes with hipster bona fides.”  More 

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“Kish-Kash, Einat Admony’s Newest Venture, Finally Opens”,, June 21 2018







“Star chef Einat Admony has finally cut the ribbon on her newest restaurant, an Israeli-accented joint where Admony hopes to convert diners to ‘real couscous’ from the boxed pablum she says they’re used to eating.”  More

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