New: “Decking the Halls, Walls or Anything Else You Want With Smart Lights”, Mansion Global, November 29 2022

“In the old days, you’d string holiday lights around the tree or the house, sit back and savor the twinkling.

Today, the real work starts when you’re finished hanging.” More

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New: “Good Company: Bellroy’s Pioneering Accessories”, Barron’s/Penta, November 24 2022

“Doing good often comes from the wallet. With Australian accessories brand Bellroy, that’s literally the case.” More

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“This Year’s Black Friday Smart-Home Deals”, Mansion Global, November 22 2022

“This year, there’s no need to camp out at your favorite retailer for drastic deals on coveted smart devices. Black Friday bargains started appearing online after Halloween, and savings might make it hard to decide what to gift and what to keep.” More

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“Rising interest rates can’t stop the surging market for ultra-lux real estate. These 13 PR power players are competing for the attention of billionaire buyers”, Business Insider, November 21 2022

“To grab the attention of ultrarich consumers, developers rely on a small cadre of public-relations pros who specialize in promoting extravagant properties that command stratospheric prices.” More

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“Great Escapes: Aarhus, Denmark’s Unsung Second City”, Barron’s/Penta, November 11 2022

“Denmark’s second-largest city often gets overshadowed by Copenhagen. But travelers who skip Aarhus miss out on bountiful culture, adventuresome food, fascinating history, and gorgeous scenery from urban canals to remote mountains.” More

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“How Will Ontario’s Increased Foreign-Buyer Tax Affect Americans Purchasing Homes There?”, Mansion Global, November 10 2022

“For a buyer who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, ‘the 25% tax on the value of the transaction will be collected upon closing the purchase, so cash will be required at closing,’ said Armando Minicucci, a tax partner in the Toronto office of Grant Thornton Canada.” More

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“Globally, ‘Desires and Needs Are Converging’ Among the Next Generation of Luxury Buyers”, Mansion Global, October 31 2022

“Considering its first property was iconic Mansion on Turtle Creek—a one-time private residence—it seems natural that Rosewood Hotels & Resorts has branched into residential real estate.” More

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“Big Canadian Cities Offer a Moment for Long-Hesitant Home Buyers”, Mansion Global, October 28 2022

“The air is seeping out of the balloon that was Canada’s housing market as mortgage rates soar, home prices decline and deal-making tanks. But the retreat’s pain may not spread equally across regions and housing segments, experts say.” More

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“Slow Cooking Is Getting Smarter”, Mansion Global, October 25 2022

“Today’s slow cookers might run on voice commands, meaning Alexa’s your kitchen assistant. Or they may function on app controls rather than traditional buttons and switches.” More

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“A Jewel in the Woods of Quebec for $1.6 Million: House Hunting in Canada”, The New York Times, October 12 2022

“Set on 106 wooded acres in Val-des-Lacs, a village in the Laurentians mountain range of southern Quebec, Canada, this five-bedroom, three-bathroom home enjoys panoramic views of the mountains, the adjacent Archambault River and the property’s abundant maple trees.” More

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