Latest: “Best Western Rides Off Into the Sunset with J Public Relations”,, February 3 2016







“After a dozen years, Best Western Hotels & Resorts has checked out of Allison + Partners, its longtime agency of record, and hit the honeymoon suite with a young upstart: San Diego-based J Public Relations.”  More

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Latest: “Now on Sale? All of Canada”,, February 2 2016









“Wouldn’t it be great if an entire country went on sale? For U.S. visitors to Canada, that’s pretty much what’s happening.”  More

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Latest: “Why Ezra Furman Is Proudly Frum — and a ‘Dress-Wearing Weirdo’ at the Same Time”,, January 28 2016









“In case Ezra Furman wasn’t complex enough, he’s also an observant Jew who’s built a punishing tour and recording schedule around Shabbat and holidays.”  More

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Latest: “PR Power 50”, New York Observer, December 2015










I edit this annual package for the Observer, including the PR Power 50 list, profiles, and sidebars on agencies and people behind them.  Read more here.

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This just in: “Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women” to open at Israel’s Negev Museum of Art in spring 2016

This just in!  Graphic Details will open at the Negev Museum of Art in Israel in spring 2016.  The show, which I co-curated, recently ended a terrific run at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum in Columbus, OH.   Graphic Details has thrilled audiences in San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Washington, DC, Miami Beach, Portland, and London, UK.  It was inspired by a story I wrote for the Forward, America’s national Jewish newspaper. The Forward is sponsoring Graphic Details. 

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Graphic Details book wins Eisner Award!


This just in:  Graphic Details:  Jewish Women’s Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews has won an Eisner Award, the comics equivalent of an Oscar!  Published by McFarland, the book’s based on the exhibit I co-curated.

I contributed a bunch of essays on some of the amazing artists in the show, including Bernice Eisenstein, Sarah Glidden, Sarah Lazarovic, and Laurie Sandell.

Congratulations to my co-curator, Sarah Lightman, who edited the book, and to all of our contributors.

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Weekly Dish in the Forward


I’m a contributing editor at the Forward, the world’s leading Jewish news organization, where I write the Weekly Dish food column.  See the latest here.

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