New: “Meet Shark Tank’s First Kosher Food Winner”,, October 23 2018






“Well, that should buy a lot of sushi.  Guy Vaknin, the vegan-cuisine innovator who took his Beyond Sushi concept to ABC-TV’s Shark Tank Sunday night, has scored a $1.5 million investment.” More


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New: “Miznon Chef Eyal Shani Tapped To Design Menu For Chelsea Music Hall”,, October 22 2018










“When Miznon opened at New York’s Chelsea Market last year – to deafening hype – the Forward walked away less than impressed by Chef Eyal Shani’s takes on Israeli street food.  But Chelsea Market’s owners have now tapped Shani to create a new menu for a basement music hall.” More 


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New: “Kosher Vegan ‘Beyond Sushi’ Heads To Shark Tank”,, October 16 2018





“He’s going from Hell’s Kitchen to the Shark Tank.  Guy Vaknin, whose kosher-vegan Beyond Sushi chainlet has become a Big Apple phenomenon, will make his debut on ABC-TV’s Shark Tank this Sunday.” More

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New: “Houdini’s Astounding Jewish History Revealed!”, Forward magazine, October 2018










“‘Inescapable: The Life and Legacy of Harry Houdini,’ at the Jewish Museum of Maryland through January 2019, manages to make the mythical magician’s story feel fresh — an achievement that’s almost as hard as making an elephant disappear, which Houdini did.”  More

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“Smoked Watermelon Ham Is The Newest Kosher-Friendly Food Trend”,, October 5 2018







“This ham’s not kosher. But it’s not exactly treyf.  That’s because the ruby-red, sweetly smoky ham at New York’s Ducks Eatery is a watermelon. As in, the fruit.”  More

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“One Of Quebec’s Best-Known Political Commentators Is A Jewish Convert Fighting Anti-Semitism”,, September 28 2018








“Born into a French-Canadian family and educated by nuns, Lise Ravary makes an unlikely Jewish voice. But since converting to Judaism nearly two decades ago, Ravary’s widely read opinion columns have brought a singular perspective to Quebec’s complex politics.”  More

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“The Jewish deli is having a moment in places where you’d least expect it”, The Washington Post, September 23 2018










“Craving pastrami on rye? Maybe a good sour pickle? A nice chopped liver?  You’re so on trend.”  More

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