“Buenos Aires’ Famed ‘Mishiguene’ Restaurant Is Popping Up In NYC”, Forward.com, September 6 2019







“Opening a Manhattan pop-up when your Buenos Aires eatery, 5,300 miles south, is still one of the hottest tables in town? A little mishugeneh, right?”  More


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“Israeli Cuisine Is More Chic Than Ever, In Chicago’s New ‘Galit’”, Forward.com, September 4 2019







“You’ve won a James Beard Award for your Israeli-accented cooking at Shaya. How do you top yourself?  If you’re Chef Zachary Engel, you open your own restaurant — and earn raves.”  More

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“NYC’s Coolest Sandwich Spot Is A Tiny Storefront Run By An Israeli Couple”, Forward.com, August 24 2019







“The secret’s out: Manhattan’s coolest sandwich spot is a tiny East Village storefront run by a young Israeli couple who lives upstairs. And it’s got a very Jewish backstory.”  More

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New: “Is It Time To Sit Shiva For Barneys New York, The Iconic Store With Jewish Roots?”, Forward.com, August 7 2019






“For the iconic fashion name with Jewish roots, it’s a sad development – and possibly the end of the line for a retailer with links to Manhattan’s schmatte trade.”  More

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New: “This Miami Chef Is Here To Teach You How to Properly Use Spices”, Forward.com, August 4 2019










“Amid this year’s bumper crop of Israeli cookbooks, Miami-based Yaniv Cohen has found a new angle.”  More

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New: “Meet Philly’s LGBTQ Advocate And Sex Educator, Galia Godel”, Forward.com, July 30 2019










“The Philadelphia sexuality educator – and rabbi’s granddaughter – has become a kind of next-gen Dr. Ruth, advising on every kind of relationship in her hometown and beyond.”  More

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“Brooklyn’s ‘Rainbow Bagel’ Closes Because Of Tax Evasion”, Forward.com, July 30 2019







“Whether or not rainbow bagels should exist in the first place is a question we’ll save for another time.”  More

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