Latest: “Cutting-Edge Vegan Recipes From Around The World”,, February 17 2017







“V Street collects more than 100 globe-trotting, meat-free recipes from lush Israeli grilled eggplant to halvah ice cream to a nifty Mexican Cobb salad.”  More

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Latest: “Ivanka-Brand Lox Dropped By Brooklyn Shop? Now We’ve Heard Everything”,, February 16 2017







“If you’ve read this far, you may have figured out that Ivanka smoked fish doesn’t exist, and that Shelsky’s co-owner Peter Shelsky was making a deli-flavored riff on the Nordstrom/Ivanka brouhaha.”  More

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Latest: “Japanese-Jewish Connection? Just Add Soy Sauce”,, February 16 2017







“Jonathan Blum considered opening his own brewery, but the economics were punishing. So he took a four-month journey through Japan in search of a soy sauce to import.”  More

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Latest: “How Polish Jews Used Matzo to Thwart Anti-Semitism”,, February 9 2017







“Community leaders sent TVP2 director Marcin Wolski a box of matzo last week — along with a pamphlet on how to combat anti-Semitism.”  More

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Latest: “10 Things No One Tells You About… Montreal”, ThePointsGuy, February 8 2017








“Montreal’s easy to fall in love with, but doesn’t reveal itself easily to visitors. These 10 tips will get you a little closer to the beating heart of Canada’s second-largest city.”  More

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“Deli Closes Doors, Stiffing Staff”,, February 2 2017







“My radar went off when Shayne Gryn told me his entire staff had called in sick. Strange though it sounded, I took him at his word.”  More

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“Here’s What a Deli Would Look Like If Your Ancestors Landed in Miami Instead of Ellis Island”,, January 25 2017







“Zak Stern can understand why a Miami newspaper called his new deli ‘New York-style and Florida-sourced.’ But the cheerful, soft-spoken proprietor of Zak the Baker says they got it wrong.”  More

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