New: “Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants — Courtesy Of A Very Jewish Foodie”,, April 20 2018








“It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. For four years, Toronto-based journalist Jacob Richler’s edited Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants, an annual ranking of fine-dining establishments across the Great White North.”  More



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New: “Here Are Ottolenghi’s Favorite Eateries”,, April 18 2018









“You might pick up some Jewish flavors in Where Chefs Eat, the insanely ambitious guide that features – deep breath – 1,184 pages with 7,000 recommendations for more than 4,500 restaurants in 70+ countries.”  More

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New: “Buenos Aires is buzzing with new global flavors in restaurants and beyond”, NY Daily News, April 15 2018






“If steak-and-tango kitsch is your thing, you’ll still find it in Buenos Aires. But there’s a thrilling new side of the Argentine capital.”  More

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New: “These Jewish Sisters Flirt Their Way Into Star Chefs’ Kitchens — At 76 And 81”,, April 3 2018






“Food Flirts has become a sensation for PBS. And now, siblings Marilynn and Sheila Brass are up for a coveted James Beard Award.”  More
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“‘Gefilte’ Film Tells The Story Of The Quintessential American Passover Seder”,, April 3 2018








“When is a fish not a fish?  When it’s the emotionally charged cultural totem at the center of Gefilte, a short documentary that debuts online this week.”  More


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“The Great Tahini War Comes To Amazon Prime”,, April 2 2018





“So many artisan tahini brands have hit the market that you might say there’s a tahini war.  Now, a new contender wants to spread some tahini peace.”  More


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“Buenos Aires Is Experiencing A Jewish Food Renaissance”,, April 2 2018







“Buenos Aires’ Jewish texture might surprise a first-time visitor to the city.  The Semitic streak extends to Buenos Aires’s embarrassment-of-riches dining scene.”  More


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