Latest: “Pigging Out With Chef Leah Cohen”,, January 14 2017







“The daughter of a Jewish father and Filipino mother, Chef Leah Cohen opened Southeast Asian hotspot Pig & Khao in 2013.”  More

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Latest: “When Jazz Sounds Jewish”, UK Jewish Chronicle, January 13 2017










“Charles Hersch’s Jews and Jazz: Improvising Ethnicity is a fascinating look at how Jews used jazz to both affirm and subvert notions of identity.”  More

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Latest: “Marvelous Macarons, From Russia With Love”,, January 6 2017







“How’s this for an only-in-New-York story: Russian Jew meets Israeli-born Frenchman on a trip to New York. She leaves Moscow to join him in Manhattan. They start an artisan macaron business. And Macy’s Herald Square courts them to open a shop.”  More

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Latest: “What Was a Good Jewish Boy Like Him Doing in a Disco Like That?”, The Forward, January 4 2017








“After ‘sitting in suitcases’ for three decades, Bill Bernstein’s photos are having a moment. ‘Disco: The Bill Bernstein Photographs’ was published last year, and Manhattan’s Museum of Sex just opened ‘Night Fever: New York Disco 1977–1979, the Bill Bernstein Photographs,’ complete with glitter balls and a pulsating Studio 54 soundtrack.”  More

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PR Power List 2016,, December 2016

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For the fourth year, I edited the Observer’s PR Power List, a ranking of America’s most influential PR firms.  Along with the list, the package includes sidebars about the industry.  More

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“The Audacity of Writing the Netflix Barack Obama Biopic”,, December 14 2016










“The man who famously begged his toddler to Go the Fuck to Sleep is back with a project that sounds Presidential by comparison.”  More

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“Hotels & Tattoos: Policies Are Shifting for Staffers and Guests”,, December 9 2016







“Considering three in 10 Americans now sport tattoos, you’d think hotels might relax their current workplace policies around body art. But most major hospitality brands still prohibit visible tattoos on front-line staff.”  More

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