“Grab a Bite at Some of the World’s Best Airport Restaurants”, ThePointsGuy.com, October 23 2017







“It’s October — Happy . . . Airport Restaurant Month?  Yes, you read that correctly. And if trends in airport edibles are to be believed, that’s actually something to celebrate.”  More


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Latest: “10 Chic Hotels for Your Next Trip to Chicago”, ThePointsGuy.com, October 21 2017







“New properties are popping up in hotel-desert neighborhoods like Wicker Park, smart operators like Grupo Habita, Ace and Nobu are entering the picture, and players like Kimpton, Marriott and Hilton are upping their game.”  More

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Latest: “Will Segway Be the New Citi Bike?”, ThePointsGuy.com, October 19 2017








“One approach to closing the ‘last-mile problem’ has been bike-rental programs like New York’s Citi Bike or London’s Santander Cycles. Now, Segway — the company whose “self-balancing” motorized vehicles have often been objects of ridicule — wants in on the action.”  More

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“Latest: $1,000 For A Bagel? Yes — But Will Anybody Bite?”, Forward.com, October 19 2017







“Next time you kvetch about the cost of your daily bagel, consider this:  A Manhattan hotel is offering a $1,000 bagel whose ‘schmear’ includes truffles and superfoods.”  More


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“Toronto Food Fest Shows Can-Jew Attitude”, Forward.com, October 11 2017






“More than 1,500 locals packed a midtown arts center to meet the machers and mavens of Can-Jew cuisine.”  More

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“These Private-Plane Players Want to Make Luxury Flying Cheaper”, ThePointsGuy.com, September 29 2017









“Once upon a time, really rich people bought their own planes. Later, other rich people realized they could buy shares in a jet instead of owning one.  Today, alternatives to commercial air travel are entering the Uber age, making airplane travel as accessible — and almost as affordable — as ordering up a car.”  More

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“Has Tighter Legroom in Coach Made Flights Unsafe?”, ThePointsGuy.com, September 25 2017


“Flying coach is cramped. It’s crowded. Could it also kill you, if you had to evacuate an airplane with one of today’s tighter seat pitches?”  More

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