New: “‘Black Seed’ Opens In The Ace Hotel”,, August 17 2018








“If you’d found yourself above 8th Street in Manhattan, and craved one of Black Seed’s near-perfect bagels, you were out of luck – until this week.”  More


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New: “Alissa Quart On Crusading Jewishly For Social Justice”,, August 15 2018










“What happens when the bottom falls out of the middle class? That’s the wrenching, relevant question at the heart of ‘Squeezed: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America,’ Alissa Quart’s eloquent and passionate dispatch from what she deems the struggling Middle Precariat.'” More

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New: “Jewish Montreal Is More Than Just Leonard Cohen And Bagels”,, August 14 2018








“As a new exhibition at downtown Montreal’s McCord Museum makes clear, Jews have had a hand in nearly every aspect of civic, social, cultural and business life in Canada’s second-largest city.”  More

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New: “In Bagel World, Montreal Goes Global”, Forward magazine, August 2018






“Craving Montreal-style bagels?  You might want to consider taking a plane to Sydney, Seattle, or Scotland.”  More

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“Meet The Canadian Woman Who’s Breaking The Glass Bong Ceiling”,, August 10 2018








“Legal pot in Canada has sparked a massive, sometimes wild growth industry. But in one aspect, the new boss is the same as the old boss, to paraphrase The Who: Almost all public cannabis companies are run by men.  Alison Gordon is the only exception.”  More


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“Celebrity Chef Michael Solomonov Just Opened A Jewish-Inspired Deli In Philadelphia”,, August 8 2018






“The bad news: Steve Cook and Michael Solomonov have closed one of their restaurants.  The good news: The Philadelphia super-restaurateurs have already reopened it – as their first Jewish deli.”  More


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“This Chicago Eatery Serves Italian Jewish Food”,, August 7 2018








“Remember the play ‘My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish, and I’m in Therapy’? Matt Saccaro’s living a version of it. But instead of therapy, he’s celebrating both sides of his family with a hot new Chicago restaurant.”  More

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