New: “New Collection From Vi Living Elevates Standards for Senior Lifestyles—And Resort Living, Too”, Mansion Global, January 17 2022

“With a new collection of exceptional residences, Vi at Bentley Village is not only raising the bar for senior lifestyles. This elegant and vibrant community in Naples, Florida, is elevating standards for resort-style living anywhere.” More

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New: “Worldwise: Fashion Designer Billy Reid’s Favorite Things”, Barron’s/Penta, January 11 2022

“For one champion of American style, the epicenter of fashion isn’t Manhattan or L.A. Instead, Billy Reid has been running his global business from a cabin in Florence, Alabama.” More

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New: “Jet Setters Are Using Their Pied-à-Terres More Than Before, Says Accor CEO”, Mansion Global, January 10 2022

“By his own admission, Sebastien Bazin almost missed the boat on the boom in branded residences.” More

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New: “House Hunting in Israel: An Inventive Use of Concrete Outside of Tel Aviv”, The New York Times, January 5 2022

“Cast in concrete with wood, glass and aluminum accents, this five-bedroom house just south of Tel Aviv, in central Israel, was designed by modernist architects Israelevitz for an Israeli cement-company executive and his family.” More

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“Brains and Brawn: Smart Fitness Equipment for the New Year”, Mansion Global, January 5 2022

“Since many of us have given up gym memberships and social fitnessing, we have to rely on at-home exercise options, along with outdoor activities to keep in shape. Luckily, there are more smart devices than ever to help make fitness fun and effective.” More

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“Look Inside ‘the Castle’ of Crested Butte, Colorado”. Mansion Global, December 29 2021

“Dubbed ‘the Castle of Crested Butte’ by locals, this 9,169-square-foot home is surrounded by ‘tens of thousands of acres of forest’ in the Colorado Rockies, according to the listing agent.” More

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“Smart Devices to Beat the Winter Blues”, Mansion Global, December 28 2021

“It’s that wonderful time of the year: Dark, cold and often gloomy. Some people find it refreshing. If you don’t, fear not. You’ve got a range of high-tech devices to enhance your well-being with light, color, scent and air quality.” More

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“Robots, Foldable TVs and More: Our Smart-Home Outlook for 2022”, Mansion Global, December 25 2021

“Flexibility and a multifunction mindset will move from workspaces to the rest of the home. Adaptable furniture will offer more than one use. Energy efficiency will get even smarter thanks to near-autonomous homes that recognize you.” More

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“Worldwise: Designer Francesco Secchiaroli’s Favorite Things”, Barron’s/Penta, December 22, 2021

“Francesco Secchiaroli’s journey to a design career started on a hospital gurney. ‘I was 39, and I heard my heart stopping,” says Secchiaroli, now U.S. head of Zanotta, the Italian furniture giant. “When I woke up, the doctor said, ‘Young man, I don’t know what you’re doing, but you’re too stressed. Consider a change.’” More

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“The Best Smart-Home Innovations of 2021”, Mansion Global, December 21 2021

“It’s time for our annual roundup of the best of smart-home innovation. Along with the fact that they use tech to make life easier, the devices we’ve selected from hundreds of reviews boast exceptional design, versatility and value.” More

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