Latest: “Bodily Fluid Project Unites Muslims and Jews”,, March 21 2017









“In a project melding interfaith dialogue and feminist theory, a Toronto gallery has brought together Jewish and Muslim women to study sacred texts.”  More

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Latest: “How A Jewish Author Is Helping Exiled Writers Find Asylum”,, March 20 2017







“Las Vegas seems an unlikely haven for intellectuals. But for years, a literary center at its University of Nevada campus has quietly welcomed exiled writers under threat in their home countries.”  More

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Latest: “The best day trips from NYC, from breweries to amusement parks and safaris”, NY Daily News, March 16 2017








“Escaping New York for a day is a springtime tradition. Whether you’re looking for fantastic shopping, beautiful landscapes, or gasp-inducing rides, here are our picks for great getaways.”  More

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Latest: “10 Things No One Tells You About… Toronto”,, March 12 2017







“After years of playing sleepy second fiddle to sexier Montreal, Toronto’s become hot on its own. Here are 10 insider tips to help you make the most of North America’s fourth-largest city.”  More

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“9 Things No One Tells You About… Chicago”,, March 4 2017







“The Windy City. The City of Big Shoulders. The City by the Lake. Chicago looms so large in the imagination that it’s easy to think you already know it. What’s behind the legend, though, is more complicated.”  More

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“Is Brooklyn Ready For Honey-Butter Pizza?”,, March 4 2017







“Is the world ready for honey-butter pizza?  Aaron Harsha thinks so. The 28-year-old New Orleans native is chef at Lady’s, a huge new Brooklyn Italian joint. Pizzas and pastas are the stars.”  More

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“Transgender Rabbi: My Trans Agenda”, UK Jewish Chronicle, March 2 2017







“He married at 18, had a son at 19, and became a rabbi soon after.  But for Srully Abraham Stein, it all felt wrong.”  More

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