Dining reviews in the NY Daily News!

I’m a dining critic and features writer for the NY Daily News.  I’ll post new restaurant reviews as they run.  Latest:  Elan (9.10.14).

See all reviews here.

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The Graphic Details book is here!










It’s finally here… Graphic Details:  Jewish Women’s Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews is based on the exhibit I co-curated.  It’s published by McFarland.

I contributed a bunch of essays on some of the amazing artists in the show, including Bernice Eisenstein, Sarah Glidden, Sarah Lazarovic, and Laurie Sandell.

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This just in: “Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women” heads to London this fall!

Graphic Details:  Confessional Comics by Jewish Women will open at London’s Space Station 65 gallery on September 26!

Graphic Details, which I co-curated, is inspired by a story I wrote for the Forward.  We’ve had successful runs in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington, DC, Portland, and Miami Beach.

The Forward, America’s national Jewish newspaper, is sponsoring Graphic Details.  Read about the show in the NY Daily News.

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“The News reviews The Meatball Shop”, NY Daily News, September 19 2014










“Hey, I’ve got an idea for a sitcom: Two guys laugh all the way to the bank while serving erstwhile pet food to clueless twentysomethings who wait in line for the privilege. Oh, wait – it’s already happening.”  More

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“Bread and Bakers Rising Together”, The Forward, September 17 2014


“The week before Rosh Hashanah, inside a low-slung East Harlem building under elevated rail tracks, a crew of women will quietly mix, knead, shape and bake challahs in an immaculate kitchen.”  More

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“Haunting Hotel Photos of Upstate NY’s Borscht Belt”, Yahoo! Travel, September 11 2014










“It’s hard to picture now, but the ruined resorts in Marisa Scheinfeld’s haunting photos once epitomized glamour for East Coast middle-class families.”  More


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“Restaurant review: Elan”, NY Daily News, September 10 2014












“It’s weird to say this about one of the most revered chefs of his generation, but David Waltuck needs to get comfortable in front of the stove.” More

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